Free Expert Advisor Portfolio 1, Week 3, BACK ON TRACK !

Our free expert advisor portfolio had had a massive draw down throughout the past week. The account had plummeted almost 41%, leaving us with little hope of recovery.

However, this week was amazing for the expert advisor portfolio number one. The portfolio recovered all of its losses and began picking up profits again. The portfolio hit the 12,000 mark which is a 20% profit margin.

This shows you how relative the performance of an ea can be and how deep your draw downs can get. What I like about the portfolio is that you are protected from large open draw downs by each expert advisor’s preset stoploss. This at least protects us in some way from margin calls and such.

The trades have been done mainly by the Binario and Artificial Intelligence expert advisors, with artificial intelligence contributing a large percent of the winning trades and Binario hedging it occasionally which has proven to reduce exposure.

As always you can check the account statement here.

I hope I we can get a profitable month from this portfolio !

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