Free Expert Advisor Portfolio 2, week 1, so far, so good…

The second expert advisor portfolio has had a good and bad week. As I commented on the other expert advisor’s week report, the FOMC interest rate decision made a dramatic hit, owing to the discrepancy between market expectations and the rate decision.

However the expert advisor portfolio did catch the other news events related to consumer sentiment, which did correspond to general market expectations. Up until now, the most active expert advisor on this portfolio has been the Ichimoku5 which has opened and closed trades daily while the ADXcross expert has done no trades and the universal moving average expert advisor has done one, almost not profitable trade.

As you can see here, the portfolio is barely profitable until now, after a large draw down owing to the events I just explained. I hope this portfolio improves as I do think the experts have potential. Well, we will see next week.

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