Free Expert Advisor Portfolios, Weeks 4 and 3

Okay, it has now been a month for my first free expert advisor portfolio and three weeks for the second expert advisor portfolio.

In case you do not remember or haven’t read my previous posts, the first portfolio is mainly centered around the GBP/USD pair while the second portfolio is distributed over a variety of currencies. The first portfolio contains some interesting short and long term experts such as phoenix and binario as well as the second one which has, for example, an ADXcross expert and an MAcross expert. (Please see previous posts for more information)

What can I say now ? This week has been completely devastating for both expert portfolios. Both of them have had massive draw downs, in the order of 40-50%. Hence, I will forward test them for another week, If I do not see substantial recovery I will eliminate them from my vps as they are well over my acceptable risk:reward ratio. This shows that the results shown on for the expert advisors are NOT accurate. All of this experts clearly show massive draw down in forward testing.

As always, you can get the statements here for the first and here for the second.

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