The New Doubleplay v.4.0 Expert Advisor

I have just received my copy of the new version of the Doubleplay forex expert advisor.

The first thing I noticed when I got it was the inclusion of a new feature which allows to hide your stoploss and take profit levels from your broker. Your broker is fooled by the stoploss and take profit levels sent by the order but the real ones are executed by the expert advisor’s logic (you set this levels to your taste as balance percentage!). This gives you the chance to eliminate the hunting opportunity for your broker !

The next thing I noticed was the wider stoploss. This, as weird as it may sound, comes without an increased risk as the ea adjusts lot sizes based on your balance to risk just the exact same amount of equity. The wider stoploss also allows you to get higher returns by allowing more movement in the market (the adjust in lot sizes means we do not increase drawdown!).

Another great new feature is the automatic managment of trades during Fridays and weekends. Previously, it required some intervention to close trades on Fridays and shutdown the ea (then turning it back on at the beginning of the next week). Now the ea controls this in an automatic fashion. A truly set and forget approach.

Although I have yet to confirm that this expert advisor is indeed profitable with the new settings, I am very exited with the added features and hope that it will be just as or even much more profitable than it’s earlier version.

If you want, take a look at my review for the previous version of Doubleplay here.

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