New Forex Expert Advisor for Review, PointBreak5

Last week I was very kindly approached by the PointBreak expert advisor creator who asked me if I could forward test his product on my virtual private server and write a review about it.

As I am always looking for a new profitable expert advisor I gladly agreed to test his PointBreak5 expert advisor. I am doing this with no monetary compensation at all, neither directly or from affiliate sales. This assures that my results will be totally unbiased.

At first glance, PointBreak seems to fulfill the requirements I would assign to a profitable expert advisor. It’s goals also seem to be pretty doable with a long term profit target in sight. I have started to forward test this ea as of today, using the most conservative setting as outlined in the expert advisor’s demo documentation. I am using an Alpari 25,000 demo account with 1:100 leverage.

This expert advisor will be commented based on it’s weekly results, as my free expert advisor portfolios. Let us wait then, the surprises this ea may have for us.

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