Doubleplay Live Trading Stopped !

This week I traded Doubleplay v 4.0 live. The results were what I would have expected for doubleplay. Hitting one stoploss and managing to get 3 small wins which amount to a small loss for my mini account (about 4 dollars). This of course, due to the fact that EUR/USD was ranging the whole time which I have found out through experience, is not a suitable scenario for Doubleplay.

The reason I have stopped Doubleplay’s live trading is not because of the expert’s performance but because of a flaw (I think) I found . Doubleplay started to open trades as soon as it closed another one. This should not happen as the dl function should delay further order openings for at least an hour. This according to the value at which dl is set, 3600.

I have emailed Hal and I hope he can tell me if there is something wrong with the coding of my personal ea or if this is a change made between v 3.5 and v 4.0. I hope I can resume live trading next week !

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