Free Expert Advisor Portfolio 2, Week 4, Profits are In !

Last week I was very disappointed with the performance of both of my free expert advisor portfolios with both of them reporting loses. I apologize for not making two separate posts – one for each portfolio – as I was busy with new year’s eve, etc.

The first month has ended for the second expert advisor portfolio. The debuting experts being Ichimoku5, Moneymaker, ADXCrossTrader and UniversalMACross. The rest of the settings are available in earlier posts about this portfolio.

The credit goes primarily to Ichimoku5 and Moneymaker both contributing almost every trade. The UniversalMACross has done one trade, which took profit and the ADXCrossTrader has done almost 10 trades with most of them going out at breakeven and one of them taking a loss.

I was happily surprised when I saw that this portfolio has recovered all of it’s draw down and is now hovering above a 10% profit. With a maximal draw down of 25% it is still not as bad as the first portfolio which has managed to get to a 40% maximal draw down (although it is in profit right now).

Personally I did not think that this expert portfolio would last this much, and much less, with a profit. I thought the experts would wipe out the account in a matter of days or maybe two weeks at best. I am glad to now know this not to be true. I am pleased to know that there may be a hope that combinations of free expert advisors might work.

We end a first month in profit, the statement, as always, can be viewed here.

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