Pointbreak, Week 2, Action !

As I wrote last week, I have been amazed by the Pointbreak expert advisor. I quiet like it’s ability to follow trends and the way it hedges, pyramids, closes, etc.

This week was a perfect example of Pointbreak’s different closing techniques. The week found a lot of hesitation on the EUR/USD pair with a very rangy tendency. This of course, is not the ideal setup for Pointbreak which is a mainly trending expert advisor.

Finding itself in a somehow rangy market, Pointbreak has now many positions opened with a lot of draw down. Although actual draw down has not managed to go beyond 1.60% which is very good news for conservative traders like me.

You can also see the equity curve of Pointbreak which is somehow a pattern I have been able to find amongst profitable experts. Their equity curves are not like straight lines, sinusoidal waves or the like. The curves of profitable experts look a lot like an actual currency uptrend. They go up but retrace every now and then.

I have enjoyed watching Pointbreak a lot and I hope we have big trends the following weeks which will deeply contribute to Pointbreak’s equity. Since I am mainly a contrarian trader, I do expect the EUR/USD to hit 1.5, which will involve a massive trend with juicy profits for this expert.

As always, you can get the current statement here.

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