Pointbreak, Week 4, Ranging Down the Hill

As I have buttressed in my previews Poinbreak reviews, this expert advisor does quiet badly in ranging markets. This week was the complete confirmation of this fact with an even larger range on the EUR/USD pair.

As I have analyzed Pointbreak’s moves for the past week, I have realized that Pointbreak set itself up as if the pair would have continued through 1.4900 up to 1.5000. As we all now, the pair did quiet the opposite and bounced back to the 1.46 figures. This frustrated Pointbreak’s attempts to elucidate a trend and quiet frankly ended with a large open draw down after the pair did it’s rebound.

This I think is the worst possible market condition for Pointbreak a 200-300 pip range in which the market continuously tricks the pair into thinking that a trend has been established when in fact it just reverses.

Up to this point, pointbreak has an open draw down of almost 1500, which puts this expert at a not very comfortable level (almost 10% open draw down). It is kind of feeling like a grid system right now and quiet honestly I am not digging this very much.

I do hope that Pointbreak will recover and indeed manage to stablish a trend the next couple of weeks. While this happens we get to see how this expert reacts to harsh market condition. The statement, as always, can be viewed here.

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