Pointbreak, Week 5, Still on the Race

As I mentioned on my last post about the Pointbreak expert advisor, I was concerned about the possibility of massive large open draw down with this expert. I even made a comparison between Pointbreak and a grid trading system which was the feeling Pointbreak was giving me at the time.

Now I have to say, Pointbreak is really nothing like a grid system. I have watched the expert closely this week, focusing on the way it opened and closed it’s positions. The expert knows when it has a large draw down and acts accordingly.

When the ea was facing a nearly 5-10% open draw down last week, I was a bit concerned about it being killed by the ranging market. Although my concerns were quiet well founded, I have to say that they don’t exist anymore. This week has showed me how Pointbreak behaves in “dark times” and the behavior has been what I had been told. Pointbreak will indeed suffer in ranging markets, but it is designed to survive them and ride trends thereafter.

Pointbreak has not lost the profit it has made, neither has it increased the open draw down it suffered from last week, the expert remains in a battle against it’s open draw down, waiting for the tides to calm and a clear trend to continue. I also analyzed the chart provided by the detailed statement. I have to say, it looks like a very conservative profitable expert advisor. The statement as always, can be seen here.

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