A Possible Ebook About Automated Trading in The Forex Market

The objective of this post is just to get your opinion about something I have been thinking about for the past two weeks. I have had the idea of writing an ebook about automated trading. This including my personal experience with several experts, my backtesting and forward testing results (with analysis of course), my views on free experts, commercial experts, setup explanations and profit/loss potential. The idea would be to guide someone completely new to automated forex trading towards the best free and commercial experts as well as explain the real profit or loss possibilities in forex automated trading. I would like to make it concise, about 20 pages, but very informative to novice traders who want to consider automated trading seriously. As always I would maintain my non-affiliate status with all commercial expert makers to remain unbiased throughout the whole process.

My questions for you are very simple. Would you be interested in paying for this ebook ? How much would you be willing to pay ? What would you like for it to contain ? What are your doubts and questions about automated trading ?

Last but not least, I would like to thank in advance anyone who comments and leaves his/her opinions about my proposal. Happy trading !

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One Response to “A Possible Ebook About Automated Trading in The Forex Market”

  1. Recoil says:

    If I were to buy such a book, I might pay US$5-10 for it. I’m guessing the book would not contain a recommendation on a specific set of EA’s; however, I think you could augment the value of such a book considerably if you offered to include a list that shows your results for EA’s you are currently tracking. Perhaps you even offer to provide regular updates of those results to people who buy the book, for perhaps 90 days. After that, they can subscribe to updates for a fee. I think a consistently formatted forward testing report for a series of EA’s would be valuable. I realize you are posting these results now for free, but I’d see value in a concise and consistently formatted report. I think I’d even pay for it.

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