Forex Killer, Live Trading Statement

I recently wrote a review on the Forex Killer system and suggested a trading system to accompany this product. As many of you would have liked it, I executed this strategy solely on a live account during the past week (which was very volatile because of the high news density). The results pleased me a lot (they can be seen here).

Even though conditions were harsh, I managed to get a 105 pip profit on my trading strategy. I did make two mistakes, involving entering a trade on EUR/JPY with a 69.5% probability which ended as a looser and a USD/JPY trade which I closed myself too early with a 0.51 USD loss, it would have been a 0.42 USD win if I had let it stay as is.

The system was therefore capable of producing profit in excess of 200 pips but since I was testing it, I did make the above “mistakes” for the sake of experimentation. As you can see, the trailing stop does make a difference, as I had tested for the two weeks before the last one, any larger or any smaller is detrimental to my trading plan.

I will continue to test this strategy for the following week. If it remains as profitable, I may increase lot sizes and consider it seriously as a part of my trading routine.

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4 Responses to “Forex Killer, Live Trading Statement”

  1. Andreas says:

    Sir Daniel

    I am one of the support managers for the Forex Killer. We are searching for people who use ForexKiller with success and developed good strategies to help newbies like your blog.

    Could we use your stategy with the links to your name and blog?

    P.S. Another guy who created good strategy is maybe it will be interesting for you to check his blog

    And thank you for your time to review Forex Killer software in such independent manner. I have read your review too with great pleasure

    FK manager

  2. Daniel says:

    Hello Andreas,

    Sure, anyone is free to display my blog’s content as long as they include my name and a link to my web site. Further posts however will remain true to my actual trading results and experience. I also thank you for taking the time to read my reviews. Best regards,

    Daniel Fernandez

  3. tahoemnts says:

    I was noticing that on your results page all you trades were stopped except one hit your trailing SL. Are you still using the same parameters? Would you consider tightening your TP or do you keep it the same? Are you going to post more recent results?

  4. Terry Wyld says:

    Daniel I have been following your reviews; do you have time for anything else? No look joking apart I purchased Forex-Killer and have massive reservations, the main one revolves around your winning strategy. I have only once ever seen a Sell signal of over 70%, consequently under your system you would never sell any pair.
    Am I missing something



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