Free Expert Advisor Portoflio, Week 10, Final Words

As I had feared, the expert advisor portfolio we had been testing for the past two months didn’t leave up to our expectations. The experts accumulated an abnormally high 42% draw down this week.

The main reason why this happened was an incredibly horrible losing rally shown by the Ichimoku5 expert. Against all the things I would consider logical, this expert advisor sold the usd/jpy all the way up on an uptrend. It got several, almost 10, consecutive stop loss hits.

My final words about this expert advisor portfolio is that it did just about as how 99% of us would have expected. Even though we may have had our hopes up sometime in the past, the expert revealed one of the many absolute truths in the forex market. Past records are no indicative of future results. But I bet that any person with an ea who has, sometime in the past, forward tested profitably for 2, 4 or more months will have no problem in selling it to the willingly believing.

So beware !

If you want to look at the final picture, you can see the final trading statement here.

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2 Responses to “Free Expert Advisor Portoflio, Week 10, Final Words”

  1. azjeff says:

    I posted twice on forextsd that the creator of the gods gift ea was not profitable. Yet you did not reply back to either of those messages on forextsd. Instead you indicated on here previously it had good backtesting and you thought it would be profitable. I am not criticizing you for giving it a shot but you should consider information from the creator of the ea.

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi Azjeff,

    Thank you for your comments. I am not disregarding your opinions, the problem is that I haven’t had the time to check forums for a while so I was not aware of new comments made on god’s gift. I will check them out this weekend !

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