Forex Trading, The Hardest Easy Money You Will Ever Make

Reading today some reviews on the website I found a review about a forex product which gave an excellent quote about the forex retail market. The reviewer talked about how he had to spend 6 years of learning before he could start looking at gains from the forex market and he said that trading was the best business in the world and that it is the hardest easy money you could ever make.

Nothing is closer to the truth. After being an active forex trader for several years I have to recognize that I started like almost everybody else does : with the promise and dream of making a lot of money within my first year of trading. Well, that never happened, as 90% of forex retail traders, I too, wiped my first live account clean. But hey, I knew some people were making money off this thing and I wanted to make some money from it too ! So I decided I would do whatever it took to reach a profitable level in forex trading and more, I wanted to reach a profitable trading level in forex automated trading.

Then I discovered, as I have said on previous posts, that there are no shortcuts in forex trading. If you want to be on that top 5% that makes a living from the market, you have to show why you deserve it more than the other 95%. That took me many hours of learning. Learning what expectations were realistic, learning technical analysis, fundamental analysis, macroeconomics, learning to program mql4, learning many many things. Moreover, I had to spend many hours looking and understading indicators, what the hell does a MACD really tell you ? how is it calculated ? What do all those lines really mean ? And finally, I started to make some profits of the market.

That guy that wrote that review really nailed it. The money I have made from forex trading has really been the harderst easy money I have ever made !

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  1. saint says:

    hi i would like to get the download of book but paypal is giving trouble as well as subcribing to your book via credit card
    anyother way …can i wire funds or do a moneygram

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