Forex Expert Advisor : Neuros Ninja Sharp Shooter Unbiased Review

For the past several months I have received several requests for a review about neuros ninja sharp shooter expert advisor. I wanted to wait until I had enough information about the system in order to write a solid opinion about it, now I feel I have studied the system and the web page enough to give my honest and unbiased opinion about the expert advisor.

The website greets you with what I would consider a fair looking website with no excessive marketing or hype about the expert advisor. The website describes the expert advisers without going into excessive details. It says that the expert advisors are able to adapt to changing market conditions by the use of neural networks and it does a good amount of emphasis on the fact that the ea requires no monitoring or optimization.

Well, after reading the system’s descriptions I was ready to look at the testing information that should backup their claims. Now, they say that their company has been trading the metatrader 4 system since 2006 and that they haven’t had to change the expert advisors since then. Why in the world don’t they have a 3 year old live testing statement that can show they have done so and can show that their system has remained profitable for all that time ? The reason is pretty simple, it probably has not.

When you look at the expert advisor’s backtesting statements it becomes very clear that the expert does not have a very robust trading strategy. The system has a very narrow take profit which leads to very high interpolation errors in backtesting, the reason why the backtesting statement seems so profitable. Again, as with many more commercial systems out there, the expert advisor has a very high risk to reward ratio, something which is another clear sign that the backtesting results are misleading at best.

In my opinion, due to the reasons outlined in the above paragraphs I consider that neuros expert advisors are NOT worth buying and that the absence of live testing statements after 3 years is a big enough reason to suspect the profitability of the systems. The validity of the backtesting statements is also very questionable due to the small take profit of the expert advisor. In order to be even considerable for testing and buying the creators should show us at least a year of live trading, they fail to do so, again, even though they claim they have been trading these experts since 2006.

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