The changing of a vision… How my understanding of FX automated trading has evolved

When I wrote my last blogpost about the simple daily system earlier this week, I suddenly realized that my vision about automated trading has changed a great deal during the past two years. It is only vaguely that I remember now how I thought about automated trading at the beginning. I decided to write this post in order to tell my readers a little bit how my vision has changed during the past few years and how I have come to see the world of automated trading under a different light.

I think you could say that my journey in automated forex trading has had three major phases in which I have come to realize certain important truths about the way the market works and about how I can actually profit from trading the foreign exchange market. My first phase, which is the phase most people are in when they begin to trade automatically after trading manually for a while is what I would call, my dumb phase. At this stage I had no idea what testing could be done, what it meant, it’s faults, I knew nothing about automating strategies about what could be profitable and what could not. I mean, I believed almost everything that was thrown at me with some marketing and I was caught in several non profitable systems which people often refer to as scams (although a scam implies that the author is willingly ripping people off and in some cases the author may be as ignorant of the system’s profitability as the users).

This is when I decided to start this website, two years ago, after trading automated systems for a while. Then my discovery phase started. On this period of time I knew many things about automated trading. For one, I certainly knew that most of the systems out there did not work but I certainly though some could so I came out with what many people before and after me did, to evaluate every expert I came across which had some evidence of profitability. Of course, this approach is evidenced in my first ebook which took a hard look at particular trading systems and gave some criteria about how to evaluate if a system was profitable or not. Then, after many systems being tested and lot of time digging into the experts being produces, manual trading, trading logic and a lot of interesting and long conversations with experienced (and unexperienced) fx traders led me to what I believe is my current level of knowledge.

Now I am in what I would like to all, my development period. Right now I believe I have been able to really condense the things that make traditional evaluation wrong and I have come up with a way that certainly allows you to really evaluate a trading system’s potential for long term stable profitability. Now I believe I have the ability to develop some real profitable trading systems and of course, I have included all this knowledge on my latest ebook. This is the main reason why I decided to make a full ebook remake, my vision has changed through time and it was time for my ebook to show this much more polished refined version of what automated trading actually is. Of course, my interest in this field is almost never ending so I can assure you, there will be more developments, more periods of my life in automated fx trading and we will hopefully come to unveil more secrets the world of expert advisor trading has to offer us.

If you would like to learn more about EA evaluation and how you also can start trading with a free long term profitable trading system please consider buying my ebook on automated trading or subscribing to my weekly newsletter to receive updates and check the live and demo accounts I am running with several expert advisors. I hope you enjoyed this article !

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