Forex Expert Advisors : Forex Triad an unbiased Review

Today I am going to focus on the review of the Forex Triad trading system which was requested last week by a newsletter subscriber. This expert advisor claims to be a “system so robust & powerful it can instantly identify winning trades, transforming you into an expert in every market condition no matter what your current level of experience is… Guaranteed”. For sure, the first thing that went to my head when I read this was “they should better have the evidence to backup such a bold statement”, of course, after analyzing the whole website I soon arrived to some very decisive conclucions about this trading system which will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

The Forex Triad trading system is part of a group of pure hype expert advisors that have multiplied like ants for the past year. Throughout the whole system’s webpage there is nothing but talk, talk and talk with little evidence to backup the things they say. This guy is pretty bold to say that his system is “guaranteed” in any sense as there is not even a single glimpse of proof that can even hint to any of this guy’s claims being true. For example, this person says that the forex triad system is able to work under any market condition. I am sick of reading this over and over again, why would a person say something works under every market condition when this is NOT proved anywhere ? There is simply no proof ever showed by the guy that tells us that his system is able to do this. Moreover there is not even proof that his system is profitable at all.

The creator of this system just goes on and on about things with no importance and then shows us some charts with “sample trades” and “testimonials” as evidence of a system’s profitability. This type of evidence is what I like to call “soft” evidence because it does backup a system’s profitability claims when ‘hard” evidence (like verifiable trading statements) exit but by itself it is nothing but an illusion. I could go into metatrader and make those charts in 15 min, I could also write 6 fake testimonials in 5 minutes. Who says this guy is not ? Also, this guy should be aware (if he is no experienced in forex trading) that a few trades are NOT enough to know how a system works, in fact, thousands of trades are required to know this, specially if you want to prove your system works under EVERY market condition.

This type of sales page and the fact that there are people trying to sell systems out there with outrageous claims and NO proof of profitability is something that makes me angry. I wonder how many people have fallen prey to this guy and have actually lost their hard earned money trading this thing. I mean, if there is no evidence for profitability it is probably because the system loses money. If the webpage has a few months, the guy should have at least a few live tests on different brokers and a 10 year old backtest to prove his claims. If he does not, then maybe the evidence was not so “in tune” with the sales pitch. Don’t waste your time with this system, it is absolutely, in my opinion, NOT worth buying.

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