A New Website Project, Interactively Teaching and Learning How to Trade

During the past few days and thanks to a suggestion made by a fellow trader I have decided to embark myself in a completely new project that will surely make it easier for everyone out there to learn how to effectively and profitably trade the forex market in an automated fashion. What is this new project and what is so revolutionary about it ? I will try to answer this question through the rest of this post.

As you have known, for the past few years I have dedicated my time to the review and programming of different trading systems as well as the evaluation of automated trading systems and the teaching, through my ebook, of how regular traders can learn to design their own trading systems, evaluate existing systems and really analyze and determine which of them have or don’t have the potential to be long term profitable. After starting the Watukushay project (which I will keep working on !) and publishing the first results on the ebook, a fellow trader adviced me that there was a better way to communicate all the learning material to my fellow traders.

The idea is simply to build a website offering video based learning that will enable my readers to learn everything I have published on my ebook, as well as new material and programming, through video material. The advantages are obvious, I will be able to make videos of every aspect of automated trading, including programming from the base, the explanation of backtesting, forward testing, analysis, etc. I will have the ability to walk people through all these aspects on videos they can easily follow. This will remove all the misteries from things such as reliable backtesting, VPS setup and much more complex things such as basic programming and strategy building.

The idea is to have this website’s contents available through a one time payment (with a video or two added each week). Obviously the reason for this is that it will certainly take me a lot of time to build all this material into the high quality website my customers deserve. However I am a little bit uncertain about how much is a fair price for all this content (of course, I plan a huge discount to all my existing customers). My idea is to start with about 5 hours of videos with about 5 or 10 more minutes added each week. So what do you think ? Please leave your comments with your opinion and suggestions about this idea as well as what you consider would be a fair pricing for a one time fee for such a website.

Now, if you would like to learn more about my ebook and how you can start trading the forex market profitably with long term profitable trading systems please consider buying my ebook on automated trading or subscribing to my weekly newsletter to receive updates and check the live and demo accounts I am running with several expert advisors. I hope you enjoyed the article !

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