Forex Trading Software : Supremo Fx an Unbiased Review

A customer asked me a few days ago if I could write a review about the SupremoFX trading software. Even though I usually do not write reviews about manual mechanic trading systems like this one today I made an exception to talk about this forex trading system. My review will focus on the evaluation of the claims made by the author against the actual evidence provided. After this I will give my opinion about whether or not this software is likely to help someone who is currently unprofitable in forex manual trading.

First of all, I hae to say that the SupremoFx website is pretty strange. You get a website with a video of a guy talking for 17 minutes with no other images or you get a text webpage in which you get to see the “evidence” of profitability provided by the trading system. They are several things that I found very puzzling whe looking at the Supremo FX software. First of all, it seems to be a mechanical trading system, so much that the “evidence” provided seems to be the result of backtesting the strategy on metatrader 4. Why do these people abstain from selling the EA they made to backtest the strategy ?

This is pretty strange. The guy on the video claims that “trading robots” are subject to being outdated and failing but he wants people to profit from an absolutely mechanical trading system. I don’t understand, if the system is mechanical, then results between a human following instructions and an EA would be the same. What is the difference then ? Why isn’t there an EA ? Probably the answer would be that the EA is not profitable during former years and the people at fxsupremo want to keep people away from knowing this, I simply cannot think of any other reason why this people would choose to avoid to share the expert advisor.

Another important matter is that they never made 100,000 USD from 10,000 USD. These results are based on backtesting which of course, is NOT the same as making the money in live trading. If there really is a live trading account that has made all this money then why don’t they show this statement up from ? Why isn’t there any live testing statement or investor access to a trading account showing the results ? I know that if I had a mechanical manual system that had turned 10,000 USD into 100,000 USD I would be sharing the statements all over the place. Without a doubt the claims made by this guy, as he says are “too good to be true”, this system does not have any evidence to support its claims. It is just the same old hyped forex software we have got accostumed to.

As you may already see from the above paragraphs I think that this signal software is not worth buying. The way in which the webpage is portrayed, the nature of the results and the fact that there is an EA that was programmed but not sold are all things that make the SupremoFX mechanical trading system smell funny. There are however totally automated solutions in the forex market that can generate you profits with adequate risk and profit targets. If you would like to learn more about them and how you can design and program your own long term profitable system please consider buying my ebook on automated trading or subscribing to my weekly newsletter to receive updates and check the live and demo accounts I am running with several expert advisors. I hope you enjoyed the article !

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