Getting to know me…My Contributions on Currency Trader Magazine

If you are a frequent reader of my blog you should know by now that I have always had a deep interest in research and publication. However I had always felt quiet limited in the area of currency trading in this regard as I had not been able to find a way to publish my research and ideas somewhere different than my blog. Sure, my blog is a good place to publish these stuff and I do thank you all for your visits and time but truth be told, anyone can publish whatever they want on a blog and no one has any chance of knowing whether what is published is true or is not.

Certainly I write in my blog in absolutely good faith, I would have to say that I am often restraining myself from writing things so that people may not overestimate my conclusions, this is something I have learned during the past two years, something that I think has made me a much better blogger and reviewer. However I do understand that many people may view my blog with skepticism, what guarantee is there of the truthfulness of the contents besides my word ? Sure, in the world of forex, particularly in the world of automated trading systems, you have to know that the person you are trusting is someone who knows what he is talking about. Anyone can make a blog and start writing things about the currency markets and if you sound convincing enough people will believe what you say, regardless of the actual truth that it holds.

For all these reasons I wanted to find a place in which to publish my research on algorithmic trading systems so that the people who come here know that they are reading content from someone who has experience on the subject and knows what he is talking about, not someone who randomly decided to start a blog about currency trading. This is when I found currency trader magazine. I like the fact that it is freely available to anyone who wants it and the fact that its contents are written by reputable traders, fund managers, etc, pushed me forward to try and get my first article published on the magazine.

I wanted to start with something simple that I consider of interest to everyone so I decided to write an article on adaptive money management and the dramatic importance it has on a trading system. This article which treats the effects of fixed equity, movable stop loss and ATR adjusted money management on a simple MA cross system (which my blog readers will certainly know as Watukushay No.1) was published on the November issue of the magazine.

As an added bonus you all get to see a head shot with a small bio of me on one of the first pages of the issues. This lets you know that I am a real person named Daniel Fernandez who trades the forex market and knows what he is talking about. I am not a person who was “made up” to go after your money or someone who found about currency trading yesterday and decided to start a blog on it. I am a dedicated trader and researcher who is genuinely concerned about the profitability of traders like YOU. If you are interested on the article, make sure you subscribe to the magazine, it is free and I will most certainly try to get a high quality article up on the magazine at least once every month.

Last but not least, if you are interested on automated trading systems, how to program them and what characteristics you need to take into account to find a long term automated profitable system please consider buying my ebook on automated trading or subscribing to my weekly newsletter to receive updates and check the live and demo accounts I am running with several expert advisors. I hope you enjoyed the article !

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  1. Glen says:

    Nicely done, Daniel. Well written and very informative.

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