Forex Expert Advisors : Fx Genius Robot, an Unbiased Review

After doing some online research today I found an expert advisor which had been suggested to me for review in the past but which I had put aside because at the time I did not have enough information to put up a well informed opinion on the trading system. Today I have finally decided to write a review about the fx genius robot from which I now have enough information to review. This review will focus on the evaluation of the creator’s claims against the evidence provided by him, after this I will be able to give my full opinion of the EA and tell you whether or not it is worth buying or purchasing (in my opinion). More over, a friend of mine who bought this system let me analyze it so I was able to checkout its logic and trading mechanism, reason why I have some very interesting insights on this system which I did not have before.

The claims this EA creator makes are nothing short of absurd, turning 100 USD into 170K USD in 51 day is nothing short of a holy grail. It is evident that we have to luck deeply into all the evidence provided since such claims are extremely unlikely to be true given the fact that a system that generated such capital would have a huge market exposure.

When we start to unravel the results on the website we find that the EA is what people would call a “true scalper” that is, an EA that often takes profits in less than a minute and within 2 times the spread of the currency pairs it trades. We also find out that most of the results on the website are from demo, not live accounts. This is a very good reason to be suspicious since demo vs live performance for a true scalper would be extremely different since true scalping often suffers from excessive requotes, slippage, etc.

Now the fascinating part about this expert advisor is the concept in which it is based. Looking at the EA manual and system I find that what the EA does is what we would define as “arbitrage”. What the EA does is take the price feed of a “fast” broker and then compare that to the broker in which its trading. When price moves in one direction in the fast broker and fails to move on the “slow” broker, the EA places a trade in that direction and cashes out fast. The EA is able to foresee the future due to an inefficiency caused by the different feeds among different brokers.

Can this mode of trading generate such huge income ? Sure, if it was possible to do this in the long term it would do for sure. However there are many many problems associated with this approach. The first one is that “fast” brokers are generally ECN brokers, and “slow” brokers are generally bucket shops with a dealing desk. The problem is that a bucket shop will not allow you to truly scalp, they will most likely fill you with requotes, slippage, etc before they let your trades go through. An ECN would allow you to scalp but its feeds are the fastest so you wouldn’t be able to find a “faster” feed from which you could use the concept. Is there a certain brokerage combination that would generate profitable results in live trading ? Well, you would have to open hundreds of live accounts on different bucket shop/ ECN pairs and find out which one allows you to do this type of true scalping in an endless fashion. Most slow brokers will block accounts that show this behavior during the short term and they even won’t let you withdraw the profits you made.

Is such an approach likely to be long term profitable ? I find it highly unlikely since it is based on a purely technical inefficiency of the market (technical in the sense of IT not in the sense of technical analysis). Most likely you will not find a single broker pair that will let you profit from such an arbitrage setup. Sure, on demo you will achieve very profitable results, live trading with regulated brokers will be a totally different story. Of course, even though I find such an approach ingenious from an “idea” kind of way, I believe that trading must be based on sound principles that will with the highest like hood generate a return in the long term. the Fx genius robot is not the case and at 2000 USD, it is too steep of a price to pay for such a an unsound way to profit from the markets. Chances are you will never find any broker pair that fit this trading method.

I would recommend you spend your time searching for more long term profitable trading system, here or on other websites you consider aim for this target. If you would like to learn more about the long term profitable systems I develop and trade please consider buying my ebook on automated trading or subscribing to my weekly newsletter to receive updates and check the live and demo accounts I am running with several expert advisors. I hope you enjoyed the article !

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