Forex Expert Advsiors : AI Forex Robot, an Unbiased Review

A few days ago two of my newsletter subscribers requested I wrote a review of the AI Forex Robot trading system. Since I had not reviewed this EA before I decided to dedicate today’s post to the analysis of this trading strategy. As you know, my analysis focuses on the evaluation of the evidence provided against the claims made by the author. Based on the evidence provided (and the nature of the evidence missing) I will analyze the aiforexrobot trading system and give my opinion about its trading and its potential for long term profitability. As always this review is as unbiased as it can be as I receive no rewards for either positive or negative feedback about this expert advisor.

This expert advisor has without a doubt some of the most outrageous claims in the market. The first thing you see when you arrive at the web page is the promise that the AI forex robot is able to triple your money every month. Sometimes I don’t know if these expert advisor sellers are just deeply evil or if they are just extremely ignorant about the nature of their own trading systems. But well, no problem, I won’t judge the system before looking at the evidence provided by the author since there is always the possibility that the person may have the proof needed to make such outrageous claims. I assure you, nothing would make me happier.

Sadly the AI forex robot is not the excemption and its webpage is devoid of the necessary information needed to assert that the expert can truly achieve those profitability levels. What evidence is provided by the author ? Backtests. As you know, I am very supportive of backtests when they are done in a responsible manner and when their agreement with live testing is confirmed. However we see nothing close to this on this web page. Dangerously enough, the author of the system gives some very misleading statements about the nature of backtesting. Saying things like “Results from back-testing can be solid gold IF they’re proven with more than one simple test, and if they are proven with short and long term strategies, plus small risk vs. large risk settings.” is extremely misleading and makes people believe that running multiple backtests of a given strategy that turn out profitable “validates” the backtesting. Nothing could be further from the truth.

If there is a system like the AI forex robot that exploits backtesting to show profitable results, it will always do so, no matter how many tests you run and having a thousand profitable backtesting results will not mean a thing. The ONLY way to accurately validate backtests is with a direct comparison of a backtesting period with a live testing period.

The backtests of the AI forex robot do show us that the EA uses a small TP with a very unfavorable risk to reward ratio which makes the EA obviously a candidate for the exploitation of backtesting interpolation errors. Without a doubt, live testing of this EA will NOT match its backtests. Of course, no live testing evidence to support all the backtesting statements is shown, more over, there are no backtesting statementes from 2000, something would not help very much anyway since the backtests are most probably not even consistent with live testing.

As you can see, the aiforexrobot lacks back/live testing consistency proof and its backtests are most probably a result of one minute interpolation errors. Since profitability CANNOT be proven to the best of our knowledge and there is NO indication that the EA can achieve the profitability claims made by the author this EA is NOT worth buying or testing. Of course, if you would like to learn more about the world of automated trading and how you too can build and trade long term profitable systems please consider buying my ebook on automated trading or subscribing to my weekly newsletter to receive updates and check the live and demo accounts I am running with several expert advisors. I hope you enjoyed the article !

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