The Watukushay For Everyone… My Gift For Christmas :-)

After a little bit more than 5 months of having started the Watukushay EA project I decided to end the year with the release of a little surprise which I decided to call the Watukushay FE automated trading system. As all of you may know, the Watukushay project aims to develop long term profitable expert advisors with the recording of the whole development process within my automated trading ebook. Through this process as well as through the writing of my newsletter and the making of the newsletter videos I have learned a whole lot about expert advisor programming and the making of long term profitable, reliable trading systems.

After going through an endless waiting list of worthless expert advisors out there to review and wondering why there are only a few reliable long term profitable commercial or free experts that have reliable evidence that accounts for their profitability I have decided to step up to the play and release a long term profitable expert advisor coming out of the Watukushay project that will be absolutely free for everyone and that will be supported by me. This EA, called Watukushay FE or Watukushay For Everyone is my attempt to code a simple, free, long term profitable trading system that any person new to the forex market can easily find online and trade with.

The Watukushay FE EA is long term profitable in back testing (which is done in an honest fashion taking into account only values of indicators and price of previously closed bars). As far as the logic goes the Watukushay FE uses traditional indicator trading and has a trading frequency that is similar to that of the other two Watukushay expert advisors. This EA will also be tested and commented as part of my newsletter subscription although this will be an exception in the sense that the statements of this EA will be available to everyone, as well as the expert itself. The EA source code will be available although the process that generated it will still be a part of the Watukushay project and therefore a part of my ebook.

The EA will be released at 1 a.m EST on December 25th as my Christmas gift to traders around the globe (Please remember that Watukushay No.2 plus the ebook update including its development will be released in Dec 15th). Anyone who will be interested in using or trading this system is welcome to check out all the backtesting statements, plus a small manual included in order to help people trade the EA which will be released at the same hour. I think I can say the same thing Richard Denis said when he created the turtle system. The system can be available out there, absolutely for free but only a handful of people who understand it will have the confidence to trade it profitably. Hopefully this will become the standard profitable free EA that everyone will be able to use as a way to generate long term profits in the forex market. It will be released with my best wishes and my sincere intentions to help all fellow traders out there :-).

If you would like to learn more about the Watukushay project and the Watukushay No.1 and No.2 (the launch of this EA plus the ebook update including this EA’s development will be released on Dec.15th) experts please consider buying my ebook on automated trading or subscribing to my weekly newsletter to receive updates and check the live and demo accounts I am running with several expert advisors. I hope you enjoyed the article !

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