Ethical Investments and High Yield Investment Programs (it is not only about money !)

In today’s world there seems to be a very strong sentiment towards the search for quick richness. The idea of doing nothing (or close to nothing) and gaining a very substantial income is without a doubt very attractive and several “investment” opportunities have come along to fill this demand. Today I want to write a few paragraphs about what I consider the worst abomination which can be found online, these websites are called HYIP (High Yielf Investment Programs) and offer people returns on investments from 1% a day to 100% or more a day/month, etc. Of course, these returns are absolutely unrealistic and there is no doubt that there is no legal HYIP. However, I will discuss the risks people take when investing in these programs as well as why you should NOT invest in them for several moral reasons.

So what is exactly a HYIP ? It is simply a website which offers you a massive return on investment with only a vague description of the nature of the actual real-life investments done to get those returns. For example, an HYIP may claim to give you 10% every day claiming the money is made in “forex trading” but no mention is done about the operations made and there is in fact no possibility for you to look at the actual financial operations executed by the company. There is no way in which you can verify that your money is actually being invested.

It is obvious to everyone who has any knowledge about finances that HYIPs are all Ponzi schemes. For those of you who are not familiarized with the concept, a Ponzi is simply an illegal practice in which investors are paid with the money got from future investments. Of course, it is obvious that this system is only sustainable if there is a continuous exponential growth which eventually becomes impossible. When this period comes, the owners of the HYIP remove the website and run away with all the money, leaving people wondering what happened.

The risks of investing in these companies are obvious. When investing in a HYIP you are risking to lose all your money without notice. Remember that anytime you invest money with a company you must make sure that you know ALL the time the EXACT investments that will be done with your money. That is a simple rule of thumb, if there is no performance record showing the detailed operations of the firm done on customer accounts, then there is no way in which I would invest my money.

Some people may claim that you can invest in an HYIP and get away with your money just by withdrawing your profits before the website collapses. Indeed, this is possible if you get into the first few investment levels (something which you will never know for certain). However my objection against ANY investment in an HYIP, even if eventual profit is possible, is in fact moral. I believe in the teachings of Kant and the fact that you should make your actions “universal law”, that is, you should not do anything which everyone cannot do.

When your investing in an HYIP you are, as a matter of fact, supporting an illegal activity. You are getting your money from the pockets of people who are being conned. You are in fact an accomplice of theft (you know it’s a Ponzi, and your getting returns from it). This is the main reason why no one should invest in these companies, because they are illegal and even if you get money from them, this money will come from other people who are getting robbed. Always make sure that the ways in which you invest your money are honest and that the money is coming from ethical and legal investments.

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