Forex Expert Advisors : Forex Spectrum, an Unbiased Review

A new expert advisor which claims to be something “never seen before” in the forex automated trading industry has just been released. This trading system, which was brought to my attention by an Asirikuy member, will be the subject of today’s post. The trading system is named Forex Spectrum and the author claims that it is able to give more than 600% profit with “virtually no risk”. On today’s review I will analyze these claims against the evidence provided on the website and I’ll give my opinion about whether or not the forex spectrum trading system is or is not worth buying and testing. My review will show you if the claims shown on the website can be taken as valid and if the “undisputable evidence” shown is in fact evidence of the claims made. Will the forex spectrum expert advisor pass the test ? You’ll see within the next few paragraphs.

I have to say that I believe that it is always unethical to call anything forex related risk-free, making claims such as “with virtually no risk” makes people believe that they can achieve those profit levels without any market exposure something which is definitely misleading. People should take into account that forex always carries a high degree of risk, a fact that point out that there will always be some capital loses (sooner or later), which may or may not lead to profitable periods depending on the trading system’s capabilities.

The claim made of a 600+% profit in a short time with almost no risk is one of the boldest I have ever seen (after the claim of 1000 USD to more than 3 million made by an EA a year ago) and not surprisingly there is absolutely no reliable evidence to backup this claim on the website. This expert advisor seller does not show 10 year backtest or live testing results which can stand behind what he is saying. What is the so called “indisuputable” evidence ? No more than a few trades shown on charts which could easily be made or hand picked from any trading strategy. These images say NOTHING about the likehood this trading system has of being long term profitable.

We also have some images of “statement shots” which could have been easily taken from any backtest and hand-picked to show a desired scenario. Why does the creator of forex spectrum NOT show 10 year backtesting and live testing results when they are SO easily available ? There is an EVIDENT hiding of easily obtainable evidence which would indeed backup the author’s claims if they were coherent with reality, however the author does not show this evidence, obviously the simplest reason why the evidence is not shown is because it does NOT show any evidence of long term profitability.

I personally despise the hypocrisy of the sales pitch “this is not about money”- the author expresses- when it is evidently ONLY about money since the author seems to have no regard whatsoever for the future of people’s capital, selling them a system which has no evidence of profitability using bold claims and cheap marketing tactics. To sum it up, the overwhelming lack of evidence makes the forex spectrum expert advisor NOT worth buying or testing. The author would need to provide 10 year backtests coupled with a period of at least 3 months of live testing and a backtest of this same period to show back/live testing consistency, once this evidence is provided I will be glad to rewrite this review.

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