Forex Expert Advisors : Forex Massacre, an Unbiased Review

Today we are going to take a look at a system that was developed allegedely by a seven figure forex trader. This trading system- named Forex Massacre- claims to be able to do several interesting things like making more than 20K every month or thousands of dollars per trade. Today I am going to go through this system’s website analyzing the evidence provided by the author and judging if this evidence is enough to backup the author’s claims. After carefully analyzing the whole website I will try to analyze the expert’s trading tactic giving you my opinion about the system’s like hood of being long term profitable and whether or not this system is worth buying and testing.

I can say with total confidence that this forex masscre system seems to be a total insult to customer intelligence. The website talks a lot about the benefits of the system, huge monthly profits, no need for previous knowledge about forex trading, more than 90% winning rate up to date but the system never shows any proof of profitability. It is certainly like these marketers are not even trying anymore. Why in the world would someone buy a trading system based on a few pictures ? The fact is taht any of those screenshots of “trades” could have been draw by anyone with photoshop (even paint) and a metatrader 4 platform. These screenshots of trades do not tell as anything as even if they were actually real they are hand picked and do not say a thing about the long term profitability of this trading system.

What does the website of forex massacre actually tell us ? Absolutely nothing ! The website is a whole venture of hype coupled with a few – probably hand drawn – pictures of trades that may or may not be in line with the reality of the way in which this system trades the market. I think that it takes a lot of nerve and dishonesty to sell a system that does not have the slightest evidence of profitability. Where are the backtests ? Where are the live tests ? If this system is so profitable, then why doesn’t the owner show us a 6 month live investor-verified account on a myfxbook link to proof its profitability ?

Sadly I think you guessed right. Probably the creator has never tested this system live and backtesting statements just show a losing system that does not even do well in simulations, otherwise they would have at least placed some backtesting statements on the site. In the end this trading system has absolutely no evidence of profitability (not even evidence of its trading method or tactic) and therefore it is NOT worth buying and testing. In fact, this system is even insulting as it makes you go through 3 pages of reading without showing you any valuable information. I only have two words for this system… Next please !

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