The Five Best Non-NFA Brokers for Reliable Trading and Deposit Safety

With the start of the Atinalla project and the need to find reliable non-NFA brokers to trade portfolios of Asirikuy systems I have donde an extensive investigation about the different options available and their reliability. After going through many of the available over-seas brokers and looking at their regulation and reliability I have built a small list containing all non-NFA brokers I consider reliable and worth using to invest large quantities of money. I think that none of these brokers would ever steal your money (not allowing you to withdraw) or play games with you in trading (affecting Asirikuy systems). On today’s post I will give you a list of my top five non-NFA broker choices which are perfect for anyone who wants to start trading an Atinalla portfolio or any other combination of systems that may simply not be NFA compliant.

What is the deal with portfolios and NFA compliant brokers ? The main problems is that Atinalla portfolios are using and will use several experts on the same trading currency. Even though all experts within Asirikuy are NFA compliant by themselves, they do not have this character when they are put together since they may not obey both hedging and FIFO regulations. For this reason it becomes important to find non-NFA yet well regulated brokers that can fulfill our trading needs guaranteeing the safety of our invested capital and trading conditions. Within the next few paragraphs you will find a list of the five best non-NFA brokers I could find, hopefully this list may be useful to all of you out there looking for reliable non-NFA alternatives.

1. Alpari UK. I think that this is one of the best none NFA brokers available giving us the confidence of being regulated in the UK with the flexibility of accepting accounts that can trade from 0.01 lots in 0.01 increments allowing us to trade Asirikuy systems from 1000 USD. Alpari UK is a very recognized broker with very good trading conditions and a perfect escape from NFA regulations. Sadly they do not currently accept US citizens so Americans should use one of the other obtions outlines below.

2. UK. Even though UK has Sunday candles – a not so great characteristic for Asirikuy systems – it remains a reliable broker with accounts available that fit the necessary profile to trade with Asirikuy systems from 1000 USD. The broker accepts US and non-US citizens and its regulated in the UK. It is the English branch of, one of the first and most trusted brokers available online.

3. FXDD (Malta). Earlier this year, FXDD decided to open a branch in Malta in order to accept traders outside NFA regulations. The fact that they decided to get regulation in Malta instead of the UK might sound suspicious but in general I can say that FXDD has been a good broker for me for several years and their Malta option has all their support and seriousness. However they are still regulated in Europe and remain one of the most trusted names in the forex industry.

4. ActivTrades. This is one of the most trusted London based brokers available, giving you the opportunity to trade outside NFA regulations within the comfort of UK law. ActivTrades has the conditions to trade Asirikuy systems from 1000 USD and although it has Sunday candles, the use of the “Without Sunday” solution – explained within Asirikuy – is compatible with this broker. ActivTrades is a very trust worthy broker and definitely a choice worth considering when going out of the NFA kingdom.

5. GoMarkets. Finally I would like to recommend go markets as a reliable Australia-based broker. Having a bnoker that is regulated but away from European and UK regulations may provide you with another hideout in case NFA regulations catch on and start spreding to other legislations. GoMarket has proved – up until now – to be a serious well-regulated broker which has the necessary conditions to trade Asirikuy systems with at least 1000 USD (even 100 USD with their 10,000 USD contract size accounts).

As you see, the key here is to find brokers which are regulated outside the US but within developed countries. This allows you to have the flexibility of avoiding NFA rules without having to worry about the safety of your funds or profits. When you are investing large amounts of funds it definitely becomes important to trust your broker and the safety of your deposits. There are a bunch of other good brokers outside NFA regulations which I did not include since they don’t have the necessary conditions (trade in 0.01 increments from 0.01 lots) to trade Asirikuy systems from 1000 USD but definitely once you reach values of 10 or 20K you might also consider Swiss brokers (like MIG trading) which I believe also provide very reliable safety conditions. Do you know any well-regulated non-NFA broker that allows trading from 0.01 lots in 0.01 increments you would like to share with us ? Please leave a comment and tell us why you like this broker !

If you would like to learn more about my journey in forex automated trading and how you too can learn to develop likely long term profitable systems to profit from forex trading please consider buying my ebook on automated trading or joining Asirikuy to receive all ebook purchase benefits, weekly updates, check the live accounts I am running with several expert advisors and get in the road towards long term success in the forex market using automated trading systems. I hope you enjoyed the article !

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5 Responses to “The Five Best Non-NFA Brokers for Reliable Trading and Deposit Safety”

  1. J.T says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Do note that Alpari micro account which allows you to trade 0.01 lots can have a maximum of 2 lots size open positions.


  2. Francisco FX says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I've been reading your posts and articles (both here and in Currency Trader), and I'm really impressed with the overall quality of the information offered to your readers. These days, it seems VERY RARE to find such a genuine interest in fellow FX traders' long term profitability out there, so thank you for everything you do in this sense.

    Regarding your post, do you know any ECN brokers that are NOT U.S. based (i.e., NFA regulated) and that also offer the MT4 platform to their clients? In my relatively brief (but intense) experience in FX Trading, I have found ECN brokers to be the fastest, deepest, and tightest (spreads wise) ones in the business, but they usually offer proprietary platforms. I had started using MBT, but then the new NFA regulations kicked in, so I switched to Alpari UK + FXDD Malta.

    Also, I'm seriously considering signing up for Asirikuy to test the systems you've been discussing in your 2010 posts, and I was wondering if you have any performance charts or live statements available to assess the systems' profitability. However, I totally understand if you don't wish to disclose that information for free. Just in case, I'm providing you with my e-mail address: fran4X [at] gmail [dot] com.

    Keep up the excellent work!

    P.S.: I'm reposting this comment with my name, but it case it doesn't work, it's Francisco, ;-)

  3. Daniel says:

    Hello Francisco,

    Thank you very much for your email :o) Sorry for not answering your comment, I had not seen it as I do not check the comment RSS frequently, but I'll make sure I post this answer when I write tomorrow's post. I am very glad that you consider my approach genuine, I agree that it is hard to find this now a days and this is the precise reason why I decided to start my blog : to provide an honest approach to automated forex trading based on transparency and a systematical approach based on capital preservation. I believe the old saying that says that in order to keep something you have to give some of it away, so being a profitable trader, I try to give my 2 cents so that others can also get in the same path.

    Regarding ECN brokers, I have to tell you that I hardly use them since I think that the improvement in liquidity and execution is not worth the commission for Asirikuy systems but the best one in my opinion would be FXOpen's ECN which is a non-NFA broker with a metatrader ECN platform with second level market depth. I think it is pretty nifty :o)

    About Asirikuy, the fact is that I don't want people to look at me as an EA seller or Asirikuy as an EA selling website reason why I do not post live testing results of the systems. You can checkout the live results for Watukushay FE, freely available at if you would like to see the performance of an Asirikuy system. However I am not an EA seller and if you approach Asirikuy as an EA website you will not be able to succeed with it. Asirikuy is an educational website that attempts to teach you how to be successful with automated trading systems. Having the systems is not enough, a strong education and understanding is needed. I hope that you now understand a little bit better why I don't share live results and what Asirikuy's mission truly is :o)

    I hope you continue to read my blog and my Currency Trader Magazine articles and hopefully you'll become an Asirikuy member if it fits your goals :o) Thank you very much again for your comment, email and very kind words. I will continue to do my best to provide the highest possible quality to my readers and fellow traders overall. Thank you very much again !

    Best Regards,

    Daniel Fernandez

  4. robl45 says:

    thecollectivefx is the best broker around. they are getting NFA regulated too but can still do hedging and everything else.

  5. rogermh says:

    Another potentially good option is ATC Brokers. They are US based and seem to be highly regarded. They are NFA regulated but still allow hedging and have no FIFO restrictions. I believe they can do this because they are actually an introducing broker to FXCM UK.

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