Talking About My Ebook… What the Future Holds

A few weeks ago I gave my almost one year old ebook a new read-through to check the validity and relevance of its content and to see if there were any improvements I could do. After reading the ebook and looking at how my vision through last year has evolved I realized that many changes and additions are due. Although the contents of the ebook right now are very valid and do point traders in the right direction in automated trading I feel that a lot of depth – particularly pertaining to system design – is currently missing from its contents. Of course, there is also the fact that the ebook is missing the last 2 experts from the Watukushay series, something that also must be added if the ebook is bound to keep up with this – seemingly ever-evolving – project. On today’s post I want to talk to you about the ebook’s future, the changes that will happen within the next few months and what I expect from all this evolution.

The first thing that will be certain is that the ebook will no longer be offered by itself. Through the past few months I have been giving this a lot of thought and I believe that the ebook does a better job at helping traders as part of the overall Asirikuy package. So from the next update, the ebook will be only available within Asirikuy. Of course, previous ebook customers will keep on getting the update but the option to buy the ebook by itself will completely disappear from this website. I believe that this is the way to go since it will allow people to have a “full view” of everything and to get a complete education in automated trading. I hope I will be able to create much more synergy between the ebook’s contents and Asirikuy within the next release.

Regarding the contents, I believe that the current version leaves a lot of spaces open that need to be addressed. I reviewed the ebook with a friend who has some basic knowledge regarding automated trading and forex in general and he was a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of content and the ideas within some sections which required a good amount of time to assimilate. It took him a lot of time to follow many of the tutorials but -in the end- he was able to reproduce the Watukushay experts and their analysis on his own. I believe that a lot can be done to improve the teaching of coding within the ebook and a lot of emphasis in initial system development is also missing.

Perhaps one of the most important additions I plan to do is a whole section on mathematical exepctancy analysis which will provide people with some tools and tutorials to guide them through the first – and often the most critical – parts of system development. I will try to teach how to device an initial trading logic and an approach to trading, focusing on systematic building and the analysis of mathematical exepctancy using the EA I created for this purpose within Asirikuy. I think that with these and a few more changes, the ebook will be able to improve on its current state and better help traders achieve their goals to become long term profitable traders using automated trading systems.

I want the ebook to be the introductory and main piece of Asirikuy, a “tome of knowledge” so to speak, that gathers all my basic concepts in automated trading coupled with a lot of practical exercises, tutorials and guides to bring someone from “I don’t have any idea” to “I have coded my first likely profitable trading system using my own ideas and analysis”. Do you have any ideas about what the ebook should be ? Do you want to suggest any content additions ? reductions ? changes, etc ? What would you like to find in the ebook ? Please leave a comment :o)

It is difficult to say right now when this “major update” will be out, but probably I will be releasing it sometime before Aug 07. If you would like to learn more about the ebook and my journey in automated trading please consider buying my ebook on automated trading or joining Asirikuy to receive all ebook purchase benefits, weekly updates, check the live accounts I am running with several expert advisors and get in the road towards long term success in the forex market using automated trading systems. I hope you enjoyed the article !

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5 Responses to “Talking About My Ebook… What the Future Holds”

  1. Curves 1 says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Like your posts anfd thus ordered the eBook.
    Transaction ID: 8CY066334C1509425
    You sent a payment of $18,95 USD to Daniel Fernandez

    The mail will arrive shortly i presume?

    F DCG

  2. Gabor says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I like the idea that you update your book. A lot of things happened since the last edition and it would be nice to have them covered in the new release.

    What I would add: new watukushay systems of course; system optimization in more detail; math expectancy; profit/drawdown analysis; portfolio trading

    There are so many topics, that this book is definitely going to be very long which might be a problem for someone who is new to trading or just doesn't like to read so much. Therefore separating all practical techniques – like basic programming questions, backtesing and optimizing, math expectancy analysis and other techniques – and theory could solve that. Simply put, I would include all the theory in the book (from previous edition and ppt-like videos) and I would only reference the practical videos that connect to the topic. Since you don't want to sell the book separately from Asirikuy membership I would reccommend to make an online book inside (one chapter per page) and this way, beside having the content online, it would give a nice structure of the practical videos that we already have.

    One more idea: you might publish the table of contents first (the link structure) and members could suggest change in content or structure in the forum.


  3. Daniel says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you very much for your comments :o)

    @Curves1 : I did receive your payment and I sent you the ebook right away, please post a message if you have any problems with the download. Thank you very much again for your purchase ! :o)

    @Gabor : I am glad that you agree with the update idea. As you say, many different things have happened and a whole lot of new information is now available.

    Your idea about the online ebook is also very interesting, quite in line with what Chris posted a few days ago. I would have to say that it sounds good but I am afraid that some people who like to "print and read" might not be able to do so from a website format. I'll give it some thought !

    I also like your idea about forum members in Asirikuy contributing to the overall structure, certainly you guys have interesting points of view that are very well-wroth taking into account :o)

    Thank you very much again for your comments :o)

    Best Regards,


  4. James says:


    The one single thing I missed from your last ebook is to use a "standard" dataset and "standardized" EA. What I mean, that I was NEVER been able to duplicate ANY of your result. Sometimes I came within a few dollars, but NEVER exact. I assume, either our dataset were slightly different, or the EA was modified after your ebook test or rounding errors, I don't know. But what I do know, does not matter how careful I was, and believe me I have checked my settings over and over, I were never been able to duplicate your EXACT result. Since eventually on the later chapters you just give direction, but not exact codes, I never knew if I have made a programming error or there was just a data related error.
    So in summary, if I can ask one single thing, that would be to include a DEDICATED set of EA and data that you only touch when you update the ebook, so the ebook result is reproducible EXACTLY by the students. Thanks, explorer

  5. Gabor says:

    Explorer: I experienced the same differences and I think it's basically because of the spread the strategy tester is using. As I could see it takes the spread from the live feed of the broker. So if you run the same backtest with the same parameteres twice then you'll get slightly different results if live spread changed during that time. In the weekend, when markets are closed, it's constant (the spread will be the live spread of the last tick), but chances are that this differs from what Daniel had used.

    The other disturbing factor could be the 4 digit vs 5 digit history dataset differences that you are probably aware of if you watched the Asirikuy videos.


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