The Desirability of a Position : Why Long Term Profitable Automated Trading is Naturally Incredibly Hard

I have dedicated a few posts in the past to explain why most people fail to succeed with automated trading systems and why the promises of “living from trading” and “earning money while you sleep” made by EA sellers are not true and derived from a fantasy that has absolutely no relationship with the actual reality of making a living from automated trading. Certainly there are many technical reasons why living from trading is extremely difficult (which I have highlighted before) but there are also some anthropological reasons why getting a profit in the long term from trading is extremely hard. On the next few paragraphs I will explain to you – from a different point of view – why automated trading is – just by its nature – incredibly hard to achieve and why few people ever get the privilege of arriving at this status.
What is the problem with profitable trading from automated trading systems ? To get to the answer to this question I first need to explain to you a concept called “position desirability”. This concept raises from the sociological construct and tells us that the most desirable positions in a society are the most difficult ones to achieve because society in itself, gives them their desirability in part because of the difficulty or the rarity of their occurrence.

What does this mean ? Well, this simply means that the better positioned you want to be in society, the harder it will be for you to get there. By harder, I mean that it will require an effort which has to be superior to the effort made by all other people fighting for the “additional spots” for that position. For example, if you want to be a Nobel laureate – a highly desired social position – you will need to do better than all others who are fighting for the chance to get the prize each year. If you want to be the owner of a multimillion dollar corporation you will need to do better than all others attempting to do this. It is just a matter of how many of these positions are available and how many people are actually “fighting” to get to them. A desirable position has few spots and a LOT of competition.

Making a living from automated trading is an extremely desirable position. If you think about it this is one of the best lines of work in the sense that you will be able to make money in the forex market without having to take positions or do market analysis manually, you will be able to effectively mechanically exploit market inefficiencies with success in the long term. This is a position that MANY people want (the reason why so many commercial automated trading systems are sold) but few are able to get. The consequence is simply that the actual number of people who are able to achieve this status is VERY LOW and the effort required is extremely large.

You should ask yourself, what are you doing that other thousands of people are NOT doing to arrive to this position ? What do you know that others do not ? The truth is that you need to build yourself a huge amount of merit if you want to reach the goal of living from profitable trading. If you are just “following the herd” and attempting to find the one commercial EA that “just works” you are truly NEVER going to realize your dream of becoming a long term profitable trader.

For me, the answer came in the form of hundreds of hours of work and the continuous development and understanding of everything that I do in the field. I decided that knowledge was the answer and I dedicated years of my life to do tons of analysis and programming. For me, the key was -and continues to be- to maintain a permanent effort to understand everything I do and to be extremely meticulous about system development and trading. In the end doing a lot of things that separate you from all others fighting to get to the “ideal position” will be what gets you there. Remember that the position is extremely desirable and that you are competing with thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) to get there. Are you willing to make the effort ?

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