Forex Expert Advisors : Forex Illusion, an Unbiased Review

Going on with my review of recently released automated trading systems today I will be analyzing the Forex Illusion trading system. This expert advisor promises you will “beat the dealer” and achieve long term profitability in the forex market even if you don’t have any previous forex trading experience or if you have “battled with forex” for a long time. On the following paragraphs I will go through this trading system’s website, I will talk about the evidence provided by the author and I will tell you if this evidence is reliable enough to backup the claims of profitability made by the author. After doing this analysis and looking at the system’s trading tactics I will then tell you my opinion about whether or not this trading system is worth buying and testing.

The Forex Illusion’s system website is actually quite odd since it lacks any of the usual “letter type” structure the general expert advisor selling websites have. The only thing you see when you access the website is a video that tells you the general “underdog story” and shows you the evidence of profitability available and the claims made by the author. The video is obviously targeted at forex newbies, as the author tries to sympathize with them, telling a story of how he “bit the brokers” and achieved millions of dollars in forex trading. The story tells us how the guy went from being a mail man to a millionaire.

Truth be told, this trading system just falls short on almost every aspect. The evidence of “live trading” that the author shows is nothing but a visual backtest of a period of just a few months which tells us absolutely nothing about this trading system. It is amazing that anyone tries to sell a trading system on such a small and just worthless piece of evidence. What does a few minutes of visual backtesting tell us ? Nothing ! Where are the full 10 year backtesting statements showing us the long term profit and draw down targets ? Where are the LIVE investor access verified accounts ? where is REAL proof of profitability ?

Again, another person attempts to exploit the new trader by making up a story, doing a visual backtesting of a strategy and pretending to have turned into a forex millionaire. If half of this guy’s story was actually true, he would have showed a LOT more evidence. This is an obvious lie, if all of this was true you would be looking at the guy’s personal trading statements or you would already have a live trading account with at least a few months of trading showing you investor-access verified results.

This is just a bold attempt to sell you something that is worthless with absolutely no reliable evidence of long term profitability through a story you might empathize with. I think it is pathetic and I think that anyone who has any respect for the intelligence of their customers would have made the effort to open up live accounts, give investor access information and run 10 year backtests. Because of the incredible lack of evidence I consider this expert advisor absolutely NOT worth buying or testing.

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