Forex Expert Advisors : Forex STF, an Unbiased Review

On this post I will deal with the review of one of the most recently released automated trading systems. This expert advisor promises gains of more than 1440% with small draw down levels and claims profitable trades of +600 trades. Will the Forex STF system be able to live up to its claims ? On the following paragraphs I will be reviewing this expert’s website, particularly I will take a deep look at the evidence and trading tactics used by the system to evaluate their reliability and whether or not they backup the system’s claims of profitability. After doing all this analysis I will then give you my opinion of whether or not I consider this EA worth buying and testing and the reasons why I consider this to be the case. Does the Forex STF system stand a chance ? Keep reading to find out !

First of all, let us CUT the lies right from the start. There is absolutely NOTHING dealing with genetic algorithms within the programming code of Forex STF. Several people on some forums have done decompilations of the code and they have seen that the Forex STF doesn’t use any form of adaptive technique. It uses the SAME OLD method used by all regular indicator based expert advisors out there. So right from the start, this is just a BOLD LIE from the developers. There is cutting edge adaptive technology or anything similar within the EA, it is just your regular EA coded like any other trading system and using FIXED none adaptive parameters. I don’t understand why the people at Forex STF made up this lie if this fact wasn’t true, if a system is good you can just sell it without making things like this up. Come on, people are not stupid.

To say that the system’s website is a disappointment would be an understatement. I find it rather insulting to the customer and to the intelligence of any serious forex trader. The “live accounts” shown on the website are NOT investor access verified through myfxbook nor is their investor access information given and their actual html layout seems to be taken out of a simple backtest. It is truly amazing to see the way in which this sellers attempt to deceive people – if not criminal – it is absolutely unethical. It is quite obvious here that NO live accounts actually exist.

Why don’t the people at Forex STF show us myfxbook statements of the live accounts ? Why isn’t investor access information given ? The answers to these questions are pretty obvious. There are probably NO real live accounts and the so called “evidence” shown is just made-up from backtesting results. However, even when dealing with backtesting results Forex STF fails to show us any evidence. We see no full backtesting statements and NO ten year backtesting proof is shown. This just shows you that Forex STF is a desperate attempt to try to sell you something that isn’t worth a nickel a downright dishonest and unethical attempt to lure new traders into buying a piece of software with absolutely NO evidence of profitability, lying about the characteristics of the software and live performance results.

For the overall LACK of reliable evidence and the fact that they have lied about the tactics used by the software I consider this trading system NOT worth buying and testing and in fact, it is yet another example of the EA sellers most people desperately try to avoid. Of course, I would gladly change this review if investor access information is added for the accounts and the TRUTH about the tactics used by the system is given. Why are you saying you use genetic algorithms if you just don’t ?

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