Restructuring a Little Bit : New Ebook Update Coming Soon !! :o)

A few weeks ago I talked to you about a pending ebook update I had from almost January and the fact that I wanted to have a new ebook version ready for release to cover some recent developments and ideas which are not covered within the previous versions of the ebook. I have given it a lot of thought and think I have finally figured out what I want from the ebook, the place it will have, what the update will include and when this update will be released. On today’s post I want to share with you my views about the ebook and the update, especially about what this update will include and what I want to achieve with it.

Certainly the ebook has always been an important part of this website and Asirikuy since it features all the basic knowledge I believe someone who wants to be successful with automated trading systems should have. The ebook has covered important aspects of automated trading such as the psychology of using mechanical systems, realistic profit and draw down expectations and accurate analysis of trading systems. I believe that this is exactly what the ebook is about, taking the role of the first training part of anyone interested in automated trading solutions.

Thinking about the ebook this way – as an introductory tool – has meant that certain things I wanted to add do not make a lot of sense while others become very important. For example, the development of Kutichiy, Teyacanani and Watukushay No.5 – which is fully detailed in videos available in Asirikuy – is not worth adding within the ebook since the basics of development are well explained in-text for Watukushay No.1 and No.2. However other things such as an introduction to portfolios, draw down analysis and mathematical expectancy do become very important pieces of knowledge any person new to automated trading must have.

Since the ebook will only be offered through an Asirikuy membership I have decided to make it a very good introductory piece to the whole website and the contents available within it so the new sections will focus on introducing new members to important concepts such as the ones mentioned before. I will also make sure I add significant interactions between the ebook and the website such that new members can quickly find and watch videos that compliment or finish the explanation of certain ebook sections. For example, the section on the God’s Gift ATR will include information about which videos to watch to understand the entry and exit logic mechanisms for this system.

Sections on new Watukushay systems will not be added, mainly because those experts’ coding, logic and development are explained in detail within certain Asirikuy videos so adding text versions of those explanations would seem redundant taking into account all the content currently available within Asirikuy.

However a free ebook will also be released with this new ebook update. This free ebook will contain – as I have mentioned before – a compilation of many of my blogposts detailing some of the basic knowledge people who are very new to automated trading should have as well as a lot of content regarding tips and advice to achieve long term profitability using automated trading. I hope this ebook will become the chief “must read” for people interested in automated trading in the future.

I have set myself August 15th as a deadline for these new updates and contributions so you should expect the release of all this content on or before this date. I would also like to tell you that since a lot of new content, live accounts, etc, have been added to Asirikuy within the past 6 months, there will be a slight price increase (don’t worry, only a few dollars :o)) so if you want to get the current price levels I advice you join before the update. Current customers don’t have to worry since they will be able to keep their current subscription rates :o). Also previous ebook customers will be able to get the new ebook update although they won’t be able to access the videos unless they join Asirikuy (which they will be able to join at the monthly subscription rate without the initial higher payment).

Do you have any opinions, suggestions, ideas, etc you would like to share with me before these updates are released ? Please leave a comment below !

If you would like to learn more about the current ebook and my website please consider buying my ebook on automated trading or joining Asirikuy to receive all ebook purchase benefits, weekly updates, check the live accounts I am running with several expert advisors and get in the road towards long term success in the forex market using automated trading systems. I hope you enjoyed the article !

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