Time To Evolve… From FxReviews to MechanicalForex, a Milestone Achievement :o)

Today it’s a very important day, not because of the release of another automated trading strategy or some other achievement related to Asirikuy or the development of expert advisors but because today I will be taking a huge step for this blog and – hopefully- my online presence in general.Through the past 3 years fxreviews.blogspot.com has been the home of my forex blogging efforts and after more than 500 articles and a lot of modifications it has now become evident for me that this blog and its potential have exceeded the limitations of what the blogger platform has to offer. Today I am taking a step forward and sharing with you this blog’s new url : http://www.mechanicalforex.com. Within the following paragraphs I will also share with you the reasons why I decided to take this important decision and why I consider this a very important move for the development of this website.

Although blogger has been a very friendly, rewarding and robust blogging solution its limitations became evident as my blogging frequency increased and the number of my posts became larger. Blogger offers some great advantages, such as being free, being able to do everything easily and having the safety and reliability of Google servers to host all the data, however it fails in two main aspects that make it unsustainable in the long term for me. The first problem is the inability to customize things – which means that the platform is rather inflexible – and the second is the lack of professionalism that comes from a sub-domain of a free blogging platform.

One of the biggest problems I have faced with blogger is the inability to customize the tags and categories of my posts in a way that makes my blog easy to use. The website now has a lot of content and the limitations of the blogger interface make it very hard to reach. So what is so much content useful for if it cannot be accessed easily ? The answer is that it is simply not useful. Since a website needs to be easy to browse and things should be very easy to find, I considered this a major problem for my future developments.

Another important reason why a change was now necessary is the fact that the website is no longer mainly about the review of automated trading forex products, something which makes its name rather inaccurate. Although this was the main topic of the website for a while it is now evident – especially since I started posting daily – that we are now moving towards a much wider area where the review of commercial systems is only secondary to a much bigger goal, which is the continuous achievement of long term profitability. The website is now much more about sharing new ideas and giving advice about how to succeed with mechanical trading than about going through the endless tides of products that reach us every month from the hands of commercial EA sellers.

To solve all these problems and move forward, making my blog much more customizable, easy to navigate, accessible and professional, I decided to create a new domain – that better reflected what the website is about now – and create a whole new website powered by WordPress. This new website is called Mechanical Forex, a website dedicated to the use, development, review and evaluation of mechanical trading strategies. A website in which the name is much more reflective of what is going on inside of it. Thanks to some very friendly WordPress plugins moving all my posts from blogger was a breeze (surprisingly with no broken links :o)) . However there are still some things that need fixing (for example all the links that pointed to articles within articles still point to blogger) but I am confident in that all of these problems will be solved within a few weeks (after I become more knowledgeable in wordpress). The new WordPress implementation carries a ton of flexibility that will also allow me to greatly improve the usability of the site, generating tags, category listings and linking systems that will be much better (a world better!) than what we currently have here in blogger.

Starting tomorrow this website will redirect to the new one and new posts will only be placed on the new site. If you are a frequent reader and you follow this blog through the RSS feed please make sure you subscribe to the new blog through any of the button shown on the top right. There are also some links on the top right so that you can share the website’s articles on digg, stumbleupon, facebook and other social sites. If you like this website make sure you share it with other people you know who might find it useful :o)

Hopefully this new website will be a major improvement, it is definitely a milestone achievement and for me it feels like a move from a “hobby” to a much more “professional” blogger. Thank you very much again for all the support, interest and trust you have given me through all these years :o). Please leave any opinions, comments or questions you might have about the new site !

If you would like to learn more about automated trading and how you too can build your own mechanical systems based on sound trading strategies please consider joining Asirikuy.com, a website filled with educational videos, trading systems, development and a sound, honest and transparent approach to automated trading in general . I hope you enjoyed this article ! :o)

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3 Responses to “Time To Evolve… From FxReviews to MechanicalForex, a Milestone Achievement :o)”

  1. Jacob says:

    what a great decision, Daniel!
    Congratulations on the new site :-)
    It looks very clean and easy to get to grips with at a glance.
    I have been following the blog as part of my everyday search for useful information and it has been a true pleasure!

  2. JT says:

    Looks good Daniel,

    I have been thinking on doing something new myself. Zulu is a bit of a bore, though I do still find some satisfaction being pretty close to the top on a google search so as to warn people.
    I am not as dedicated online as you are so I have not quite run into some of the deficiencies you have with Blogger. Maybe a change might be fun for me as well…


  3. admin says:

    Hello Guys,

    Thank you very much for your comments :o)

    @Jacob : I am glad you like the new site, hopefully I will be able to make it much better in the future. Right now I am focused on placing tags within the posts to make them easier to navigate through and I have also added a “print friendly” button for those people who like to print my posts and read them on paper. I am glad to count with you as a faithful reader, it is a pleasure to write for such a grateful audience :o)

    @JT : Thank you very much for your first comment JT ! I think that wordpress is a million time better than blogger with almost endless possibilities and a much more professional and polished look. Certainly with a small blog the blogger interface seems adequate but as your blog grows bigger – and certainly it will ! – you will most likely run into some of the same issues. I don’t have any doubt that if you change to wordpress you will have a TON of fun :o)

    Thanks again for the comments guys !

    Best Regards,


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