Mechanical Forex Crossword Puzzles : Week No.2, Now With Prize Included !

Last week I started what I believe to be a novel approach to the teaching of some historical and basic forex concepts using crossword puzzles. Today I am continuing this effort with my second cross word puzzle, keeping in line with my goal of publishing one weekly crossword for my online readers :o).  However today I have some interesting news as the crossword puzzle will now have a small 20 USD price for the person who achieves the best time before the next puzzle is released next week. Do you have the forex knowledge and speed to solve the crossword puzzle fast ? Can you beat your fellow forex traders solving this puzzle ? Solve the crossword below to test your forex knowledge and thinking speed ! :o)

This interactive crossword puzzle requires JavaScript and a reasonably recent web browser, such as Internet Explorer 5.5 or later, Netscape 7, Mozilla, Firefox, or Safari. If you have disabled web page scripting, please re-enable it and refresh the page. If this web page is saved to your computer, you may need to click the yellow Information Bar at the top of the page to allow the puzzle to load.



  • 1. Last name of a Japanese chair who got greatly depressed
  • 2. I certainly long to be at a pennies heart
  • 3. When you take advantage or price here and there
  • 4. max( high, previous close) - min (low, previous close)


  • 5. A measure of the excess return per unit of risk in an investment created by William
  • 6. vertical lines joined by small horizontal lines
  • 7. The decade of trendy commodities
  • 8. What you get into when you open a position
  • 9. You need a(n) ____ to make it in the long term
  • 10. The BoJ's home nickname

Answers for this crossword will be released with next week’s puzzle :o)

This prize has been assigned – contest for this crossword is now closed !

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