Asirikuy News: Changing to a Yearly Subscription Model

Through this year I have developed a website and trading community focused on the development and use of systems with reliable long term simulations, realistic expectations and accurate statistical evaluation. A few days away from Asirikuy’s one year anniversary it is quite wonderful to see the many things we have achieved and the huge growth this has meant for me – and hopefully all Asirikuy members – as traders. Back in December 2009 we only had a couple of trading systems with reliable long term backtests but we had almost no live testing of them, no accurate worst case statistics and absolutely no idea of what effect portfolio trading would have. One year from then Asirikuy is now a vibrant community with many different trading systems, a whole suite of portfolios and many more development projects on the way. I feel that Asirikuy has developed itself as a true business model, approaching trading like all professionals do, from a risk oriented perspective focused on long term results and portfolio theory.

The first year of Asirikuy also brought me a lot of experience regarding the average Asirikuy user and what the behavior of the different types of people who join the website is. I have seen that a lot of people who join the website do so with the hopes of just getting a “set and forget” system, something they can just set on their live accounts and forget about to bring endless profit and financial freedom into their lives. Although I understand this vision, most of these people are disappointed when they discover that Asirikuy is about hard work, learning, understanding and being realistic about expectations, evaluation, etc.

Generally those who are newer to the field of automated trading – people who have just been in contact with commercial systems – often feel disappointed by the fact that they will have to face long and deep draw downs and they see Asirikuy long term backtests as disappointments (compared to the 1K to 10 billion you can achieve through unreliable simulations) and they often do not put the effort into learning the systems’ logic or understanding their long term statistical characteristics before looking at live results.

I believe that Asirikuy is definitely not for everyone since you need to arrive at a certain point in your journey in automated trading before you can truly understand that HARD WORK and effort are needed to succeed in automated trading and that being “lazy” and just setting and forgetting is a recipe for failure. Some people might arrive there sooner than others, some may need to wipe a few live accounts with commercial systems while others may be able to realize this from the beginning, it all depends on each person’s experience, their knowledge about trading and why they are into trading.

For the above reasons I have decided to make some changes to Asirikuy in order to make new members more compromised with what they are purchasing and more willing to go through all Asirikuy material and truly get into all the education available on the website rather than just wanting to join to “get some systems that just work”, something which is bound only to bring failure. From this Monday Asirikuy will change its subscription model to a YEARLY subscription, meaning that users will need to pay for the first initial year (rather than only the first month), when joining Asirikuy. This will make people think about it more before joining the website and definitely only those people who want to truly commit to getting an education in automated trading will join.

I also understand that the material within Asirikuy might not correctly describe the website as a whole and the least I want is for people to get into the website only to realize that this is not what they wanted. For this reason I will also be adding several videos explaining Asirikuy, its objectives, its goals and its achievements to the website so that people can see what the website is about and what it is NOT about. The videos will explain everything I want to achieve with Asirikuy both as a community and a website, where the website is going, what its contents are and what people can achieve by joining the website.

So, from next week some important changes will be done to Asirikuy. New member subscriptions will be changed towards a yearly model and several videos will be placed on the website to better explained what it is all about. If you would like to learn more about my work please consider joining, a website filled with educational videos, trading systems, development and a sound, honest and transparent approach to automated trading in general . I hope you enjoyed this article ! :o)

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