Free Expert Advisor Portfolio, week 1, WOW

As I explained in my last post, I have started to test an expert advisor portfolio based on freely available expert advisors. The results have been astounding this far. Yes, of course, only a few days have passed since the beginning of the forward test but I had never seen results this impressive. It is although very likely that most profits will be given back to the market in the next few days but well. I hope it just maintains itself at a profitable level altogether.

How well is well ? The expert advisors turned 10,000 into almost 12,000 in just a few days. If you are curious check it yourself (login as fxreviews). Also remember that it is far too early to draw any conclusions ! Results may seem tempting but this may be the result of sporadic market conditions. At least 2 months are needed to even think about the possibility of live trading.

The expert advisors seem to be performing very good as they seem to complement each other in different market aspects but this remains to be seen.

I really hope the portfolio keeps up with this profit level ! I would love to trade a freely available expert advisor portfolio.

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