New Expert Advisor Portfolio

Today I realized that maybe it is not absolutely necessary to spend a lot of money to get some decent expert advisors. Based on my experience with myfxovereasy (which I reviewed earlier last week) I can say that there must be some promising free expert advisors out there.

I have always been aware of the free ea collection available at but I just saw the recently updated tests on the ea’s earlier this week. With these expert advisors optimized and the “perfect” conditions for their operation given I found no reason not to test them myself in a demo account and see what happens.

So I started a test of a complete free expert advisor portfolio. This portfolio has the following experts :

Framework : Which uses commodity channel indexes and strikes me as a medium term expert advisor.

Artificial Intelligence : Which is a neural networkish expert advisor.

Phoenix : Which is a short term sort of scalping expert advisor.

Binario : Wich is a long term expert advisor.

Myfxovereasy : Which is a trend following medium term expert advisor.

With all this expert advisors covering almost all types of market conditions (hopefully!) and reporting more than 10% yearly profit each (some reporting even a 15% monthly profit) I hope to have convincing results that suggest that this is the perfect expert advisor portfolio. Profitable and free !

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