New Improved Forex Killer Strategy (long term trading)

Well, as many of you may know, I have developed a new forex killer strategy over the last three weeks with good results. This strategy is much simpler than the older one I had published and focuses mainly on the four major currencies. So we will only be trading EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and USD/CHF. I also recommend forex killer users to take a look at automated trading systems, as they may prove to be more profitable and more hassle free than forex killer.

The strategy uses clever money management to improve our chances of taking profit over trading positions. For this strategy, we will use our forex killer software and the daily data for the major currencies saved from metatrader.

– For this strategy you will trade at the end of each trading day.

– Save the daily data for each one of the major currencies in metatrader 4

– Load the data on forex killer

– Calculate the results for all the currencies

– We want a short and long term signal probability higher than 75%. Yes, Long AND Short term graphs MUST have a probability higher than 75% or we do not enter the trade.

– After you get a positive signal go to your trading platform and open two trades in the direction of your signal. Each trade is opened so that a 200 pip loss is equivalent to 1% of your equity.

– Both trades will have a one hundred pip stoploss, one of the trades will have a one hundred pip take profit while the other will have a 100 pip trailing stop and a 300 pip take profit. This clever management means that after the first take profit hits, the other trade is risk free.

– After the trade is opened, wait until both orders are closed through either one of the market orders.

I have tried this strategy for the past 3 weeks on a demo account with very good results. I have had about 6 positive signals which are equivalent to 12 trades. From all these trades, 9 were profitable and 3 are still opened.

I hope you enjoy this new and easier to use, long term trading strategy for the forex killer software. I also encourage you to get my ebook on automated trading systems if you are new to automated trading systems and would like to find a profitable one !

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6 Responses to “New Improved Forex Killer Strategy (long term trading)”

  1. meyour says:

    HI Daniel.

    May I know what time you using this mention end of trading day….

  2. Daniel says:

    I use it at the end of the trading day, that is, just before a new daily candlestick is generated. The exact time depends on your particular broker.

  3. Koos says:

    Hey daniel, great tactic. One question: To what result do you have to look the long term or the short term? Because sometimes the short is a sell with 85% and long a buy with 89%. And what if the long term is >75% but the short term isn’t?

    Thanks for your reply,


  4. Thierry Onry says:

    Hi there Daniel,

    well, i'm with koos here regarding inquiry.
    to summarize it up, short term & long term signal doesn't match all the time.
    what i mean is not just the probability percentage, even the buy & sell signal too.
    sometimes you have sell at short & buy at long. what do say about that?


  5. Thierry Onry says:

    Hi Daniel,

    i was wondering…
    among many pairs of currency..
    why choose only 4 of them?


    Is it because of the higher probability in the market flow?
    or do you think these pairs have more consistent & steady trend from now & then?

  6. fiepmupke says:

    Hello Daniel,
    Did you abandon your Forexkiller system you came up with last May? After all it showed a hefty 1.500 pips profit in three weeks time (6 x 100 plus 3 x 300 , open trades being free of risk). I bought your e-book and subscribed to your newsletter as well. Keep up this work!
    Regards from Joseph

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