Viseu Open 001, One Month, Up in Profit !

Many of you may have been following my blog regarding the testing of the Viseu Open 001 expert advisor. As we may have expected from backtesting results, this expert advisor has proven to be profitable for the time being. As I watched the expert trade for the past month, I realized that it trades in a fashion very similar to that of the Shark and Griffin expert advisors. In fact, the experts traded at exactly the same time on a few trades, which means that they have a similar signaling system, although I do consider Shark and Griffin’s to be more complex.
I like Viseu’s trading style, it has good entries, never has consecutive losses and does accumulate profit in a very sustainable manner. I am now considering a live trading account with this ea’s name on it. If I end up a three month trial period with Viseu on the green, I will let it trade live.

I am very happy with this expert advisor, it may prove that we all may share this free alternative as part of our profitable forex portfolios. Just to finish this review I leave you with a picture of Viseu’s equity curve for the past month.

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7 Responses to “Viseu Open 001, One Month, Up in Profit !”

  1. duyduy says:

    Can I know what broker do u use for demo?

  2. Daniel says:

    I am using an alpari demo to test this expert advisor.

  3. CKH says:

    Hi Daniel, are you still using God’s Gift EA? If yes, what is the performance so far? Just wonder if it is still profitable lately. Thanks.

  4. duyduy says:

    Thank daniel for the response.
    I already download the 001 ea,
    In your forward test do u use default setting TP 6 or use TP 10 like your backtest result?
    And which timeframe is the best?

  5. Daniel says:

    I had to stop forward testing the Gods Gift expert advisor for a while due to some problems with my vps but I recently resumed testing and will publish results at the end of May.

    About Viseu 001, I use the same settings as the backtest TP=10, SL=35 EUR/USD 30 min.

  6. Aldo says:

    Hi Daniel, cheers for your reviews, they are very objective!

    Now the question:
    So you think this EA, Viseu Open 001, has been the most profitable EA up to date? If not, what EA then?

  7. mark says:

    What website can I go to download viseu open 001 expert advisor?

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