Pipzu Unbiased Review, Forex Expert Advisor

In my previous post, I reviewed both Robominer and GT-Shadow expert advisors. This review will be focused on another expert advisor I have been asked to review, Pipzu. This expert advisor is advertised as being “The First Expert Advisor To Use State Of The Art Built-in Trend Adapting Technology As Well As A Next Generation Market Timing Algorithm”, but becomes very disappointing once you start to look at the “evidence” the authors provide of it’s performance.

Pipzu’s authors only provide backtesting information as support which is, by any standard, too little to even consider purchasing an expert advisor. Moreover, Pipzu’s backtesting reveals a very unfavorable, almost 1 to 5 risk to reward ratio, which means that the ea must win around 5 trades for every loss it takes. Pipzu’s take profit is also located barely 20 pips away from it’s market entry, something which means that one minute interpolation errors in backtesting re likely to be influential.

Pipzu’s “show” trades are also useless since every expert advisor has some profitable trades, which do not give any insights into the profitability of the expert advisor whatsoever. This makes me think that these trades are just there to “impress” forex newbies.

In my opinion, Pipzu fails to provide enough proof of profitability, there is no forward testing evidence, no live testing evidence and no account with investor access to see. This, added to the fact that backtesting evidence suggested that the system has an unfavorable risk to reward ratio and a high probability of being prone to one minute interpolation errors, makes me completely discard this expert advisor as “worth buying”. There are people already having a bad experience with it, check it here. I hope this blogs helps you stay away from those bad experiences !

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