Forex Trading Signals : Forex AutoMoney an Unbiased Review

Today I am going to diverge a little bit from my usual reviewing material and go a little bit towards forex signaling services. A website visitor asked me to review the forex automoney trading signal website so that he or she could make a decision about purchasing the subscription and using their software. I have never liked forex signaling software since I think they are an uneccessary intermediate between manual fully automated software. I think that of course, they can be profitable if the signal service is directed by dedicated proffesional trading proffesionals and the person is able to execute all the instructions as indicated. So ok, let’s take a look at the forex automoney website.

My first impression about this is that it follows the same trend as most of the forex software, services and systems offered out there, it has a lot of hype and a lot of ways and calculators you can use to see how much you could “make everyday” and little evidence to support any of the claims on the website.

I also hate websites that show you testimonials with no evidence. I mean, what in the world are they thinking ? Are we supposed to believe that the testimonial belongs to a real person even if there are no trading statements from the person or no hard evidence whatsoever that the system and service are profitable. Sure, I am certain they made 400K last year, but from their subscribers, not from the forex market ! At least, there is no evidence on their website that can prove either them, or their customers have been able to achieve the profit targets they give on their main page.

By the way, a harder look at the testimonials reveal that most of them really like forex services. For example, Margaret Blake, from Ontario Canada, has testiomanils over at least (that I could find quickly) 5 different forex websites. What a coincidence right ? This person has absolutely no other place to be found online rather than in forex system and signalling service websites ? I highly doubt she or all other testimonials given are real. They are, as they always are, actors who are made to resemble most social groups the marketers are targetting (aren’t they clever !) you can see a lot of stereotypes (young couple, business woman, young adult, etc).

Well, I have to say that I would never buy their services because they do not have enough evidence to support their claims (I’ll be glad to write a second review if they do), as far as I know, you could just wipe your account by using their service. Anyway, it is always a better strategy to really treat forex trading like a job and rely on yourself, rather than third parties, to actually do the job.

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