Forex Trading Systems : The ultimate forex edge an Unbiased Review

As you know, I regularly review automated trading systems for the forex market but I have recently been asked by a website reader to review the ultimate forex edge trading system. Of course, as my website is called “reviewing everything forex” I am also interested in the review of regular trading systems and signal services so I decided to give this a go and review the ultimate forex edge trading system.

The forex ultimate edge website seemed to be just another cheesy marketing website that attempts to bond with the website’s visitor by appealing to his likely current situation. The author first describes how he was broke and desperate (as many are likely to be when entering the website) and then he says that he saw the light and started to profit from forex trading. The story of course, has just no back to it, the trader does not mention the actual name of the company that allegedly gave him the chance to trade a 10 million dollar account or any information on any managed account or account he traded before or after this.

As a matter of fact, this is the most important thing. We have this guy telling us he can walk the walk and trade the forex market profitably but where is the proof ? Where are his account statements with all the profits he has been able to make with his trading system ? If anyone was going to learn a trading system from someone they would want him to show his trading statements right away. Why should you be different ? If he is claiming he can do something then he shouldn’t have any hard time proving it if it is actually true. Now if it is, I’ll be glad to take a look at the new evidence and redo this review to reflect that, but up until now, it’s just bunch of made up graphs and blablabla anyone can talk.

Being an account manager or selling a trading system is not supposed to be about being able to talk BS but it is supposed to be about being able to convince people through evidence and logic that your system is able to do something good with their money. Of course, up until now, this website is just a bunch of non sense which I would never consider worth buying.

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