You don’t have anything to lose… What a fallacy !

In the time in which I have been reviewing and using automated trading systems I have come across a countless number of commercial expert advisor sellers and their websites. I would have to say that from all the things they say, one of the worst and most dangerous is their ultimate catch phrase “you don’t have anything to lose”. Today I decided to write a post about why this phrase is not only totally untrue but also exceedingly dangerous for new traders who don’t know anything or too little about the way in which automated trading works.

First things first. The reason why this statement has become so popular amongst expert advisor sellers is because most of them offer money back guarantees. If you don’t like their software after a given fixed period of time whatever money you used to buy the EA will be given back to you. So nothing to lose then ? right ? You buy the EA, you use it, if you don’t like it, you’ll get your money back, no harm done, if it is junk you will get your money back.

Well my friends, this is a big mistake ! You have to take into account all the risks you expose yourself to when you buy an automated trading system. Since the objective of most people is to run the expert advisor on their live accounts for long periods of time, the long term profitability of the expert advisor plays a huge role. Take into account that most commercial junk experts out there are engineered to give you short term profits with a huge market exposure that will eventually cash on your account. If you are trading with your money and you lose it, you risk losing much more than the purchase price of the EA. There is no way in the world in which you should be able to know if the EA is long term profitable with just 6 weeks of testing which is what most of these experts offer as a long term guarantee.

So let’s see. Joe buys the Superhype EA which has a 6 month guarantee. Joe trades this EA on demo for the 6 weeks and the expert has actually made significant profits, so no worry, Joe is satisfied with his product and does not want a refund. Now, Joe puts his real money on this EA and at month 3 of running it live the EA goes into consistent draw down and in month 5 Joe is down 85%. Joe lost the 100 USD that Superhype costed him plus 1000 USD he has on his live account. Nothing to lose ? Think again, you have everything to lose when you expose yourself to any automated trading system. The only thing that can give you assurance that this will not happen is to have an EA that fulfills well established criteria for long term profitability, something most commercial experts out there do not do (check my reviews to see what I mean !).

If you would like to learn more about how you can know which experts are long term profitable and how you can profit from automated trading using trading systems with realistic profit and draw down targets please consider buying my ebook on automated trading or subscribing to my weekly newsletter to receive updates and check the live and demo accounts I am running with several expert advisors. I hope you enjoyed this article !

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