Forex Expert Advisors : Dnafxtrading an unbiased review – revised

On April 27, 2009 I wrote a review about the dnafxtrading expert advisor evaluating this trading system’s main characteristics in order to say if it was worth buying or testing. At that moment, the expert advisor creator had too few live results and was not offering any conclusive tests that showed that his EA could trade anywhere near the trading performance we saw on backtesting.

After several months, I can write a second review for the dnafxtrading expert advisor stating what I know think about this trading system. As a matter of fact I am terribly dissappointed because this expert advisor seller just pulled out one of the oldest tricks on the book. After having some weeks of live testing results back in April, the EA creator now has only testing since June 2009 which also shows significant deviations from the behavior the expert shows on backtesting from what I can see.

Why did we have results in April 2009 and now we have only small portions of live testing ? Well, you don’t have to be a genious to guess this one right, the expert advisor seller is just testing the expert until he has some profitable results to show and then most likely erases them when he or she starts to see some draw down on the account. This is one of the most unethical and misleading things EA sellers do but it clearly was done in this case as they did have live testing in April 2009, which has now dissappeared. The screenshot of the live results is also misleading as it does not match the live results followed through the link shown above them.

After this reevaluation of the dnafxtrading expert advisor, I can say without any fear or doubt whatsoever that the dnafxtrading ea is absolutely NOT worth buying since the EA creator has shown clearly that if I ever thought there was anything good with his trading system, it does not exist anymore. The expert’s results are not consistent with it’s backtesting and live testing information has been removed from their website, two definite signs that something is not right with this trading system. This expert now joins my almost endless list of totally worthless expert advisors.

A new review has been written to consider the new third-party verified live tests provided by the creators of the EA.

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