Forex Expert Advisors : Forex Ripper an Unbiased Review

During this week’s search for new trading systems I came across the forex ripper expert advisor. On today’s post I will write a review about this automated trading system focusing on the evidence provided by the author as well as the claims made on the website. I am going to analyze all the information and then give you my unbiased, honest opinion about this expert’s long term profitability and if it is or it is not worth buying and testing.

Wow, I have to say that I have read many made up stories in my life but the story given by the author of forex ripper really has a lot of imagination going on. It has the classic “I was ruined” with an “I am a pro” twist coupled with the appearance of this mysterious “ripper” guy from wall street who could “magically” turn a trading system into an ATM. Of course, the story puts up a lot of information which makes us doubt its truthfulness and even more, it makes us doubt the origins and actual worthiness of the trading system.

Why ? Mainly because the author of forex ripper does say that they were able to use the system successfully but no prove is given of live trading performance. This is another guy thinking that the people who buy trading systems are stupid. This person shows some pictures of trades which for all we know could have been hand picked and executed on a demo account with no additional information of profitability. I would ask this person, if the story is actually true, to show us ALL the live statements with investor access of the trading accounts he had when he started running the EA which should be months ago by now. The author of forex ripper definitely talks a lot but he shows no evidence to truly backup the claims made.

What do we have then ? We have a website with a story of a guy claiming a trading system is the best ever made (for a change !) with some partially blurred pictures of trading statements with no third party verified live statements or simulations to hint us about the long term performance or trading tactics of this system. From what I see I would guess that the author of forex ripper is just a programmer who came up with an expert advisor, then made a marketing pitch for it and put it up with a bunch of blurred pictures of hand-picked trades from a demo account to show “proof” of profitability.

This trading system is definitely miles away from proving profitability and even more, thousands of miles away from proving that the system has the slightest likehood of being long term profitable. If the author uploads the live statements (with investor access) of the accounts the EA has been trading in (according to the story) and also gives us 10 year backtests with a period in common with the live testing to check for back/live testing consistency, then and only then, will I redo this review to reflect this additional information. Meanwhile, this website is NOTHING but HYPE and I therefore consider this trading system NOT worth buying or testing.

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