Forex Expert Advisors : Turbo-Robot, an Unbiased Review

Today I found out a new robot which has been recently released into the forex automated trading arena. This trading system – called turbo-robot – promises to deliver consistent profits with unrivaled profitability, low draw downs, diversification and overall, just awesome results. Within this post I intend to review this trading system, specially the evidence provided by the author and whether or not this evidence is able to backup the author’s claims of profitability. I will also look into this evidence and through my analysis tell you if I think the system has the potential to be long term profitable. After evaluating all these different aspects of the strategy I will then conclude my review by telling you whether or not this trading system is worth buying and testing. Is the turbo-robot up to the challenge of forex automated trading ? Let’s see.

The turbo-robot website starts with the usual speech telling you how most robots suck but this robot is the best you will ever find. The author points out that the problem is that people should look for consistent profits and not systems that just make profits and then wipe accounts. Then when we turn to look at the evidence this system may have to prove that it is actually profitable we find nothing but the usual faulted tests.

This forex automated trading system offers backtesting results as the only proof of profitability. However not only does the author only offer these tests but the statements from the tests are not actually shown so things as simple as the actual time period of the tests, the average risk to rewards ratio, maximum draw down, etc, become absolutely useless. Then we are faced with something even worse which is the fact that the modeling quality of the tests is not 90% but n/a. This means that the simulations are not accurate since either 1 minute data was not used for modeling or a lot of mismatch errors occur within the test.

The author then shows us a part of the backtests which are supposed to be a part of the graphs shown. We do find that the system has a very favorable 1:5 risk to reward ratio which is absolutely great for any trading system. However since we do not have access to the actual backtesting statements it becomes absolutely impossible to determine whether or not this is the average risk to reward ratio or just the outcome of a few trades.

There is also an additional problem pointed out by the people at project4x which say that the backtesting results are NOT reproducible and that actual reproduction with 90% modeling quality generates nothing but loses. I think that this not surprising given the fact that the tests made available by the author of the turbo-robot website do show an n/a modeling quality pointing out that the results shown by them are the result of errors introduced within the data (or the lack of accurate data) and therefore their tests are nothing but meaningless and useless.

I believe that the people who setup this website and put up the tests are either very ignorant of how automated trading systems work and how to run simulations or they are doing an elaborate and conscious effort to deceive buyers. In either case the lack of any investor access verified live trading results and the lack of back testing statements does point out that the sellers are not being fully open but absolutely dishonest with the website’s visitors. In the end, the overwhelming lack of any reliable evidence and the absolute lack of completness and accuracy of the evidence presented I consider this system NOT worth buying or testing. In the future, I would recommend the people at turbo-robot to consider their audience less retarded and do their homework regarding proper backtesting and the ABSOLUTELY necessary posting of FULL backtesting statements and investor access verified live trading results. If they are not willing to risk their own money on their own “wonderful” system, why should you ?

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