Last Week of the Year : Asirikuy Members, Their Great Contributions and Achievements

Through the past two days of blog posts I have talked to you about what 2010 has meant to me as a trader and what I achieved this year regarding system development efforts within Asirikuy. However it is true – as I have said before – that achieving all of these things in such a short time would have been impossible without the help of a very dedicated and wonderful online trading community. On today’s post I will be talking to you about Asirikuy members and what they – on their own – have achieved both on a personal level and for the Asirikuy community as a whole.

Asirikuy members come from all continents and career paths, there are people from Asia, the US, Europe and South America (only one African member however !) with careers that go from website designers to carpenters and full time traders. Obviously certain careers are more in tune with trading – like sciences (particularly math and statistics) and programming – but this doesn’t mean that those members who aren’t within one of these paths haven’t achieved anything.

I believe that one of the greatest achievements through the year was the expansion of the “challenger account” program in which Asirikuy members made the commitment to run an Asirikuy portfolio or single EA through a period of at least 2 years. Certainly not all challenger have been profitable in this regard but all challengers have faced draw down and profitable periods and have learned more about the statistical characteristics of the systems they are trading. Although most challenge accounts are barely 6 months to 1 year old, the trading experience is already proving invaluable in helping Asirikuy members learn about automated trading and achieve their long term goals through the use of systems they fully understand and trust.

Asirikuy members have also made achievements in several different ways within the community, particularly within the areas of system and software development. Thanks to a very productive and enthusiastic Asirikuy member we have been able to develop our Asirikuy profit and draw down analysis tool which has allowed us to take a leap in system development and design allowing us to accurately evaluate portfolio results and their statistical characteristics. Other members have also collaborate with their own systems to the community system development section on the forum (with systems based on Fibonacci levels, etc) and several projects are currently surfacing in which other talented members are also making invaluable contributions (like our C++ strategy tester).

Definitely I can say that one of the greatest achievements of Asirikuy members has been the Asirikuy community forum. With more than 1000 posts – and counting ! – it has become a great way to share ideas, ask basic questions and develop software and solution for both trading, statistical analysis, etc. Perhaps the greatest thing about the Asirikuy community forum – which can be attributed solely to its members- is the fact that no one has ever flamed another member in any way. When I created this forum I was aiming for a community which developed content with common goals based on evidence and reason and I have to say that Asirikuy members have further surpassed this expectation. Discussions are always argumentative in nature and – as in science- the person who has the evidence to back up their point convinces others through the sake of logic.

Through 2010 Asirikuy members have achieved a large wealth of things, from trading Asirikuy systems profitably on their own accounts to the creation of complex pieces of code to help us analyze and better understand our trading systems and forex trading in general. Asirikuy members have also created a wonderful community amongst which argumentative discussions and collaborative efforts are the norm. (bellow a Curensee comparison of an Asirikuy member’s account using Asirikuy systems against the SP500)

It would be an understatement to say that this community has been one of my greatest achievements within 2010 and certainly within 2011 we will achieve – as a great trading community – some more wonderful things. The AIP is certainly the start of something great. If you would like to learn more about this community and join our efforts towards understanding automated trading please consider joining, a website filled with educational videos, trading systems, development and a sound, honest and transparent approach to automated trading in general . I hope you enjoyed this crossword ! :o)

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