Last Week of the Year : Setting Up My Plans in Forex Automated Trading for 2011

The last few days of the year are now upon us, a great time to reflect about what we achieved during the year and what we want to achieve during the next one. Through the past three posts I have shared with you what my personal achievements where in 2010, some of what I learned about automated trading system development and what Asirikuy members have achieved on their own during this time. Now that we have talked about what has happened in 2010 it is now time to talk about what is coming up for 2011. Within today’s post I will share with you some of my goals for next year, goals which I want to achieve on both a personal and a business level both for myself and to benefit the Asirikuy community in general.

Certainly after this very fruitful year it has become evident to me that the only limit of achievement is imagination and hard work (primarily the second one). After fulfilling all of my goals for this year and being able to greatly increase my level of understanding about trading my horizons have been opened and I feel that for the year 2011 I can be a little bit more ambitious regarding my goals as a trader and as a community leader in Asirikuy.

Through 2011 I will focus my goals on the development of three main things. The first one will be the development of automated trading strategy creation algorithms (neural networks, genetic programming, etc), the second one will be the development and enhancement of trading system analysis tools and the third one will be the expansion of our money management endeavors within Asirikuy.

Within the first component of my 2011 goals I want to achieve some simple things. The first thing I want to do is to create several genetic programming based portfolios which will be compromised by a 30 instrument portfolio based on majors and minors on the daily time frame, a 10 instrument portfolio for majors based on the one hour charts and a 5-10 instrument portfolio based on systems developed from 1990-2000 with a ten year walk forward period going from 2000-2010. After achieving the development of these portfolios I also want to develop more knowledge about the use of neural networks and potentially attempt to develop some mixed solutions using both programming techniques. Certainly neural networks could do their job around certain things and – since I have never truly explored them deeply – I believe that learning more about neural nets should be a goal for me in 2011.

Obviously there are some other non-programming related goals for me in 2011 around regular system development. I want to continue to work on Atinalla portfolios based on our current Asirikuy systems, to improve them and to come up with better portfolio combinations and effects. I also want to have at least 2 or 3 community developed systems become official Asirikuy implementations, something which I think could happen as soon as April or May. Another thing I want to do is to become a very important contributor to Currency Trader Magazine, with the goal of achieving at least 12 publications during 2011 (one each month).

The second part of my goals- which focuses on analysis tools – includes the development of several programs to improve our understanding and evaluation of systems. The first thing I want to achieve here is to further develop our Monte Carlo analysis tool to include distribution based formal statistical tests so that we can have a more fine-tuned worst-case scenario perspective on Asirikuy systems. There are obviously other goals regarding system development which do not solely depend on me – as they are developed in collaboration with other Asirikuy members – but definitely it would be great if we could have a fully developed C++ tester by the end of the year with the ability to perform our own backtests with a transparent strategy tester and if we could further develop our analysis tool to include such things as automatic portfolio optimization, etc. Obviously the achievement of these goals will depend on our team effort and how much time Asirikuy members who work on these projects have for development.

The third part of my goals is definitely quite important to me as it will focus on the advancement of Asirikuy as a community for the management of trading capital. Currently we have already gathered the first initial Asirikuy Investment Project (AIP) money management team and within a month I hope we can have our first Investors Book to start trading our PAMM. My goals for the AIP this year are going to be quite ambitious, I want the first PAMM at FXOpen to reach about 50-100K in trading capital and I want to have at least 2 or 3 more PAMMs on other brokers. Ideally in the end of the year I would plan on having about 300K under management across 3-5 different PAMM accounts with varied risk levels however I would be happy if we end the year with three PAMMs with 100K under management. Of course the amount of money we reach will depend largely on our “luck” regarding the distribution of returns when we start but the important thing is primarily that we will start building a track record and by the end of the year we will have at least one PAMM with – ideally – about 11 months of continuous trading. Next year is the year where Asirikuy members will start to become responsible and ethical money managers, something very exciting for me as a community leader within the AIP :o)

Obviously there are a ton of things to achieve in Asirikuy and autoamted trading, a lot of work to do and a lot of projects to finish. Will I be able to achieve all the above mentioned goals ? I certainly do not know but I can tell you that I will give it my best shot :o) If you would like to learn more about my work and the Asirikuy community please consider joining, a website filled with educational videos, trading systems, development and a sound, honest and transparent approach to automated trading in general . I hope you enjoyed this crossword ! :o)

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2 Responses to “Last Week of the Year : Setting Up My Plans in Forex Automated Trading for 2011”

  1. Winter says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Congratulation for meeting all your targets this year. I am excited with your objectives for year 2011 and looking forward especially your AIM project.

    Happy New Year


    • admin says:

      Hi Winter,

      Thank you very much for your comment and congrats :o) I will certainly work as hard as I can to get all the 2011 goals done by the end of the year, hopefully the AIP project will turn out to be very big and successful for all Asirikuy members ! Thanks again for the comment,

      Best Regards,


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