The Kantu Project and other tools: To be available for purchase soon :o)

During the past several years I have kept the development of trading tools exclusively inside the Asirikuy community but during the past few months it has become obvious to me – due to emails from several people – that some traders are also interested in using our tools without joining our trading community. The reasons are several, from people wanting to avoid paying a yearly subscription to others who don’t have the time to study and others who are already professional algorithmic traders who just want to increase their analysis or system design capabilities. In the light of this I have decided to start to externalise Asirikuy tools in order to comply with this market demand that will certainly increase the availability of these tools to others while keeping our learning material and trading implementations available only to those who want to join our trading community. On today’s post I want to go through the reasons why I have decided this to be the best course of action and how this will be implemented going forward.

I have to say that through the lifetime of Asirikuy I have always received emails from time to time from people who are interested in using our tools without joining our community. People often wrote to me about the APDAT or the Monte Carlo simulator and it seemed to me that joining the community was essential to using this tools as I perceived as irresponsible behaviour to make tools available to people who might not have the knowledge necessary to take advantage of them properly. However during the past few months I received emails from several professional and regular retail traders who made a very good case for the external selling of tools and I have therefore decided to implement their advice and start this externalisation procedure.


One of the best arguments made, which I have come to realise in the past year, is that it is not my responsibility to educate those that do not want to be educated and therefore I should not be overly concerned with the way in which tools are used provided that I voice my concerns about their use properly. Another very important aspect is that making the tools available externally keeps away people who want to buy the tools but who are not interested in learning or in our trading implementations. Keeping access to our trading strategies and frameworks restricted to those who are interested in learning and contributing in a community environment is fundamental as those people interested in just access to tools might not take advantage of all the other aspects of our community.

In particular the most important reason why this makes sense is because by keeping everything bundled I feel that I am often making people pay more for the whole package while they could be paying less for just the tools if this is the only thing that they want to use. By joining Asirikuy I provide a learning experience that allows users to become more involved in the learning process and truly understand everything that is going on but I shouldn’t seek to provide this service to people who are simply not interested in this part of our community. Another important argument for sharing some tools is that I want to start sharing revenue with people who have contributed with the coding of some of these implementations within our community. 

If the programmers involved with each tool are in agreement with the external selling I will make them available through this website through a simple (one time) paypal link. Some tools might be more expensive than others but our analysis tools will most likely be in the 20-150 USD price range. The first tool that will be available through an external purchasing option will be Kantu – our parameterless price action based system generator – which will be available for 120-130 USD. There will be a demo version available for this program (everything but code exporting will be available). It is worth noting that programs with comparable functionality – such as adaptrade or priceaction lab – are retailing for a price well above the 1000 USD. Another advantage is that Kantu will be available for Windows, Linux and MacOS (unlike these other programs).

Purchasers of our tools will also have all minor version updates available for free (bug fixes, etc) and updates to new major releases will be available under a small fee (whether to update is obviously optional).  Obviously all updates are available to Asirikuy members for no additional charge and any manual or document developed for externally available tools will also be available to members of our community. Other aspects of our website – such as our Alpari data – might also be available for purchase (although I have to consult my source first). The Kantu demo and purchase option will be available from this week so stay tuned to learn more about this release :o)

If you have any concerns, questions or suggestions regarding this change please feel free to post within the comments, I am certainly eager to read what Asirikuy users and programmers think about this new direction  as well as people who are interested in our tools but not in joining our community :o)

If you would like to learn more about trading and how you too can become a better trader through a community approach please consider joining, a website filled with educational videos, trading systems, development and a sound, honest and transparent approach towards automated trading in general . I hope you enjoyed this article ! :o)

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11 Responses to “The Kantu Project and other tools: To be available for purchase soon :o)”

  1. Rick says:

    So I can spend $120-$130 and become rich?

    Anyway, I was thinking about developing something commercial along the lines of adaptrade but I was worried about any IP (intellectual protection) issues. Also if you sell a program that cheap would not it be easier for some hackers to buy it crack it and sell it for a few $$$ from any of the thousands websites they operate?

    More importantly, if something like that works, why selling it at all. I think selling it is an admission that it does not work. You can pay the developers from the profits.

    • admin says:

      Hi Rick,

      Thank you for your comment :o) Certainly you cannot spend the money and hope to become rich! Kantu is simply a tool that generates strategies along some guidelines but certainly if you just generate something and then trade it live for 10 years you cannot expect to get rich. What this program allows you to do is to develop and evaluate a trading methodology based on system generation. Whether or not this methodology is successful will depend on you and your understanding of the trading process. I am not saying that this is a holy grail, it is simply a tool. Buying a system generation tool and hoping to become rich just from it is like buying a hammer and expect it to build you a table. Profitable algorithmic trading relies mainly on the development of a trading methodology, going from historically profitable results to results that are reliably profitable in out of sample is a huge step that depends on how systems are selected and used. I hope this explains my point of view,

      Best Regards,


      PS: The program is very cheap right now because it is in its first stages, price will certainly go up as it reaches a much more mature state. The idea is also to make this accessible to everyday retail traders. As always I strive to develop very professional top-of-the-line solutions that can help the retail trader not something that is only accessible to funds or traders with larger capitals.

  2. Scalptastic says:

    hi daniel; I think this is a good move; make sense commercially for you and also for clients.

  3. Mun says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I have no problem with this move. However these tools will be distributed very quickly. They currently have no protection – they can just be uploaded to a file sharing site as is. Someone will just buy them and upload them and next thing you know it is the first result on google and very difficult to take down.

    Would you consider a license model around the software? There are many 3rd party solutions that can be integrated into the projects to make it a lot harder for someone to crack. Also if you hook it up to something like SWReg instead of PayPal, it will take care of the payment processing along with license generation and secure software delivery.

  4. Jacob says:

    Hi Daniel, I mostly agree with the comments here, of course you should be rewarded(and the programmers)for the hard work.However, selling kantu somewhat contradicts the advantage you stated that Kantu will mean for the asirikuy community, since then anybody can buy and use it at will. I do also agree that if it indeed helps one gain a certain edge, the reward in profits from trading it should help the developers as well as asirikuy as a whole. I am biased as I am a member of asirikuy, so I find it hard to keep a neutral tone, sorry if it sounds like a load of rant about publicizing the community proprietary tools and software:o/
    forums like indo-investasi as one example (many more exist)almost make a sport out of removing limitations from trial or licensed versions of commercial trading software, so effective protection like for instance VMProtect may be needed, and also be aware that you need to keep track of all asirikuy members to not “lend” the software and hence spreading it unlicensed. I find the topic a bit troubling to think of, sorry.

    • admin says:

      Hi Jacob,

      Thank you for your post :o) These are indeed all very valid concerns I have thought about deeply. These are my conclusions:

      1. Sure, we are going to implement effective protection. We will also create licenses for all Asirikuy members so that all software is properly licensed and no unlicensed versions exist. Kantu is still in a heavy development phase so the current versions will probably become irrelevant fast (due to all the improvements and new features coming up).

      2. Any edge in using Kantu doesn’t come from Kantu in itself. This software is very complex and using it can lead to very bad live trading results if somebody does not understand how trading actually works and how a profitable algorithmic trading methodology needs to be designed. The most valuable thing in Asirikuy – in my view – is not the software in itself but all the education you get around it. People who buy Kantu will benefit if they are already professional traders or educating themselves but people who use it without any education will most likely find little value in it. Holy grail seekers will use it in the wrong way and will get burned by a lack of insight into the creation of a reliable trading methodology.

      Finally I would like to reassure you that I am taking as many steps as necessary to avoid this affecting the community in any negative way. All important practical research concerning the finding of edges using Kantu and the live results of Kantu derived strategies will be kept exclusively inside our community. Kantu is just a tool – just like a hammer – and the biggest advantage you have is not the hammer but your knowledge about how to use it effectively :o). Obviously any suggestions you have are greatly appreciated :o) Thanks again for posting,

      Best Regards,


  5. Rodolfo says:

    Hi Daniel,

    personally being an asirikuy member since the very beginning I have nothing against this approach. This follows from having caught the spirit of asirikuy, well explained by the example of the hammer.

    Out in the forex world there are plenty of people knowning almost nothing, but selling you everything. And we know since the time of fxreviews that the great majority of this stuff has no value at all (read: true scams!)

    Nevertheless I was a bit surprise from this announcement, since I thought that sooner or later you should have taken a more commercial path to extend gains from asirikuy, and there is nothing wrong with this, but I should have bet that the first exit should have been a book.

    Almost everybody after some years spent in the forex arena has written a book and most of these book are only a waste of trees.
    Instead I am sure that a real, complete book from you should be a milestone. And consider that it could be translated in many languages, because as strange as it may seems, here in Italy there many people that don’t know english. So, definitely a good business to think of.

    Best regards,

  6. Franco says:

    Hi Daniel, my concern like everybody else is piracy. Even if the software is protected it will probably be cracked in a few months and be everywhere on the internet. Also I think it might be a good idea to compensate the co-developers somehow, as hard-feelings might exist down the line if the software becomes very popular. Otherwise a good idea for the long term survival of Asirikuy,

  7. Koh says:

    Hi, Daniel. I am new to program / algo trading. I have zero knowledge or experience in programming. Can I use Kantu to develop my own trading strategies?

    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Koh,

      Thank you for your post :o) Short answer: yes. Long answer: You should consider that although Kantu allows you to develop historically profitable algorithmic setups with no programming knowledge the chance of your implementations succeeding in actual trading will depend on how you select, analyse and use these systems. If you are new to trading I would advice you to get a basic education about algorithmic trading first, either through or any other source that you see fit. You can try the Kantu demo as well and see if this is the right tool for you. Thanks again for writing,

      Best Regards,


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